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Other factors in creating modern art canvas

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Knowing what appropriate medium you will use to create a contemporary painting as well as knowing about the modifications included in the artwork is just a mere introduction of the subject matter.  Aside form these, other factors to allow you to totally understand the difference it may bring to your life and home.  For a true lover of art, you know that there are things to talk about in this meticulous artistic concept. Want to learn more about the other factors to produce a masterpiece in modern canvas art?

There are three factors leading to the formation of beautiful abstract art piece in this particular terminology.  These factors form variations as to the colors, styles and applications of the finished product.  Each of them has different distinctiveness and descriptions you should know more about.

What are these three factors?

  1. Ideas or theme: This represents your specifications as a client that what the artists have in mind. Though you can work with your chosen artist before the work will start, more of the ideas come from what you have in your mind. Of course, for you to be bale to make it a real contemporary artwork, ideas are more of modern ones.  This is the real spirit to its cognizance as a good masterpiece categorized in this subject.  To be able to have a thoroughly understanding of modern canvas art, it is also best to look into how it evolved and know something about its history.
  1. Techniques or Method Used: Modern artists usually used different techniques in creating their art piece. The word technique refers to the number of brushstrokes used in the masterpiece in order to come out with the clients specifications. More artists prefer to use single stroke since it produces the art piece in lesser time than the usual. If you observe traditional artists like Van Gough or Da Vinci own collections, you will notice that they have allocated much of their time (possibly a week or a month) to produce a single masterpiece.  In modern art, it is more of producing more artworks in a day.

Technology: Since it a modern art piece expects that the abstract art painting is injected with different technologies to make the workload easier. Two and three-dimensional models are captured with the use of other equipment to bring color and life to the collection.  Often, computers and printers are of great help to artists in production.

The Story behind Madame X

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The woman in the portrait Madame X was Virginie Amélie Avegno. She was born in New Orleans in January 1859. Her parents were well-to-do plantation owners; however after a series of tragedies her father falls in the Battle of Shiloh, her sister Valentine died because of fever that’s why the eight-year-old Amélie moved to Paris together with her mother.

The Avegno matriarch instantly began grooming her daughter for a good marriage. The goal was realized when Amélie was nineteen; the suitor was forty-year-old Pierre-Louis Gautreau, who is a banker and shipping tycoon. As low-key as the match appeared, Amélie understood that once she became a married woman, there would no longer need to play the virginal maiden. Right after the ink dried on the marriage certificate, Amélie set about plotting to conquer Paris.

An Image of a Free Woman

With her money, Amélie was able to purchased dresses from top designers; to attract utmost attention, she preferred chic, simple gowns that accentuated her figure, rather than the fussy frocks popular at the time. She likes to color her lips scarlet, drew in her eyebrows in mahogany, and reddened the tips of her ears. There were speculations that she ate small amounts of arsenic to maintain her ethereal pallor.

The Artists and the Painting

The artist, Sargent had already won several prizes at the Paris Salons before he met his most famous subject in 1881. Two years later, after much pleading, Amélie agreed to pose for him, and Sargent rented a studio near the Gautreau home. A black dress was decided upon almost immediately, but Sargent went through many pencil and watercolor sketches trying to settle on the best pose. Because Amélie was flighty and hated to sit still, Sargent eventually ended up staying with the Gautreaus at their summer home in Brittany, so his subject would always be close at hand. Finally, after a long period of artist’s block, Sargent set to work.

While the method of painting that would finally become Madame X was trying for both artist and sitter. The pose Amélie had to hold was uncomfortable and Sargent had a difficult time paitning her lavender skin tone, among many other problems, by March of 1884 it was ready to be sent to the annual Salon. Though she had not yet seen the finished product thought the work to be a masterpiece, and obviously it became a major talk in Paris with news of the portrait before the public had actually seen it.

The People Reaction and the Paintings Downfall

As soon as moment of truth came, both Amélie and Sargent were not ready for any negative reactions of the viewer. The portrait, critics cried, was ugly, obscene, and scandalous; the fallen strap of the dress and its body-hugging quality screamed vulgarity, while Amélie’s famously pale flesh looked corpse-like. Because of that portrait Amélie went from the darling of Paris society to a laughingstock, and cruel cartoons of her appeared in newspapers and magazines. Sargent, for his part, received a severe blow to his reputation as well; besides that, after the fiasco surrounding the painting, the Gautreaus refused to purchase it.

Later on, Sargent painted again the offending shoulder strap putting it in proper position. Eventually, despite of all the setbacks, his career then recovered and flourished and for the rest of his entire career he claimed that Madame X was the best art work he had ever did. In 1916 he then sold it to the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Like this article? You may also want to read the articles about abstract paintings as well as contemporary paintings. Or take a look on paintings we have in our site and see if you could find one that fits your personality, and buy abstract art that you like.

Reproduction of Oil Paintings

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Have you ever had a chance to watch a movie in which the bad character has a secret collection of stolen art and other masterpieces? I’ve frequently watched movies like that and wondering what it would be like to own an original piece or art, created by one of the masters of out time. I can’t stop myself from staring at the Mona Lisa or The Last Supper thinking how they would look in my dinning room, but as a matter of fact great works of art are locked inside of a gallery or museum. But what if there’s another way to do that does not require you to pull off the ultimate heist and lift Da Vinci from a Louvre?

Dedicated artist and online storefronts could help you! Now it is not possible to get legitimate oil paintings reproduction on canvases that are painted not by machine but a real hand. There are large ranges of online storefronts which carry these art reproductions by hundreds of well-known masters. There’s Starry Night by Van Gogh or the Mona Lisa by Da Vinci. You can also find several versions of The Last Supper, including the very unusual piece created by Dali.

You can also find paintings created by more difficult to understand artists like Degas, Monet, and Raphael. If you’re not a fun of them, you can always submit a custom painting from a lesser known artist and have it made for you. With these oil paintings reproductions on canvas, you could have your own gallery from scratch, without spending too much amount of money. You may also want to buy these reproductions online for your own convenience. Through this, you don’t need to travel from art show to art show hoping to look for a piece that you will like. All you have to do is go online, browse, and choose the paintings you want. They will be shipped to your place in days!

As an art collector, I enjoy going to galleries from time to time to see the gallery’s paintings, but I really hate the crowds. I’d rather have my own collections that I can study anytime I wanted. With those collections, I like to paint my own works from time to time and study the strokes of the masters to enhance my technique and learn how to improve shading methods. Even if you aren’t a painter, you would surely have fun being around greatness!

What’s great about experimenting oil paintings reproductions on canvas is that they are more affordable, often under one hundred dollars. Because of this, you can buy as much paintings as you want without breaking the bank. Plus you will have your own collections in no time!

But of course you will always have a choice. If you prefer to buy original one, go on. But as you know original contemporary paintings are much expensive. If you want to have a great amount of discount, buy abstract art directly from the artist!

Signed Paintings Are Worth Buying For

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Do you know how important signatures are in an abstract art? Unless you’re buying contemporary paintings for pure pleasure or collection, a signed painting can make the difference in the piece being worth $100 vs. $10,000.

Assuming you’re new in buying art. You would want to start by looking for a signature o the painting you’re holding. It would be easy for you if you see a legible signature on it. However, sometimes signature, initials or monograms could be everywhere. You can see them on the lower right, lower left, center, underneath the frame, on the back and sometimes hidden in the stretcher.

If you think you have a wonderful abstract painting, don’t be afraid to take the frame off in search of a signature. Take a deep look at the painting in the sunlight and if you want you may also use a magnifying glass if you need to.

There are also times when the painting you’re holding may be signed Vincent, as in V€an Gogh. But most likely it’s not really a van Gogh. If you are a beginner, you would definitely have a hard time to tell which is which. Some of these reproductions are done on a raised cardboard with strokes that look really realistic.

As soon as you know who the artist is, consult a price guide and see if the artist is in there as well as what his paintings bring at auction. Professional dealers use comprehensive books such as, Art Price Index by Peter Falk or Art Sales Index edited by Duncan Hislop.

A well-informed buyer will always ask if the painter is a listed one and where. When we say listed, that person is somebody. Knowing his other sale results for paintings similar will give you one more measure of value. You may even consider offering your painting for sale in one of the auction houses listed.

There are also artist who used their initials in signing their art work like Tristan Ellis. This 20th century landscape artists his art pieces T.E. Another confusing area is using monogram to sign their work. To help you with this issue you may want to buy “The Classified Directory of Artist’s Signatures Symbols and Monograms” by H. H. Caplan. This book contains lists of artists in alphabetical order, their dates, specialty, and also offers examples of the monograms or initials they used.

As a beginner, remember to look for signed works by listed artists. It’s the safest way to go if someday you decide to re-sell the piece.

How to Take Care of Your Art Pieces

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As a painting lover, taking care of my collections is very important. It should be taken cared well and prevent it from things that could damage my paintings. You don’t need to be an expert to take care of your paintings you can do simple things like those owners of abstract art galleries. Here are some tips that I personally do in taking care of my abstract art paintings.

  1. Use extra precautions when handling your original paintings. Do not touch the surface with your bare hands since the oils, acids and salts on your skin can be transferred to the surface and eventually caused damage to your paintings.
  1. If you want to store your painting, put an acid-free paper between each item. Never use cardboard because it contains high amount of acid and can damage your art over tie. It should also be kept flat and not rolled up in a tube for any length of time.
  1. Never leave or put your abstract paintings in a high temperature place or inside your car for a long period of time. If shipped in a tube, take it away as soon as you can and lay it flat.
  1. If you plan to clean acrylic and oil paintings, simply dust it often to avoid build up of dust. Another good way of cleaning it is to blow across the surface with compressed air. Never spray commercial cleaners onto the surface of the paintings or else it will damage.
  1. Acrylic is extremely sturdy and its life may be greater than all other artist’s tools. They can keep hold of their original brilliance longer than traditional oil paintings. Also, they are not as sensitive to UV radiation as watercolors.

Paintings either for collections or as a source of your income should be taking cared of properly. It could be a big investment someday so take time to know how you will render appropriate care for them.

Why Display Your Artwork?

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After buying your abstract paintings, the next task for you is to display it on the right place, but you might also think why you should display it in a place where people could see?  Here are some things you may want to consider.

  1. Your art could be the reflection of what you are since it reveals what you love. Remember that you are trying to personalize your home with this art.
  2. The position of your artwork should be at eye level so that it is viewed with ease and more readily captures the passerby’s attention.
  3. Cover two thirds of the space above furniture with one or more pieces of art to have a balanced the space.
  4. If you prefer to place the painting above your sofa, you should place at about 6-9 inches above it.
  5. You may also consider displaying you original artwork on an easel in a corner bookcase or desk.
  6. You painting can help absorb the noise and pull away the empty sound.
  7. The paintings could add spice to a room. You could change the ambiance of the room by just hanging pictures in a specific ways and places.
  8. Adding paintings with horizontal lines can make your room look longer. Horizontal lines can create illusions to your room.
  9. If you also want to make you room look bigger, try to hang a large colorful painting on one side and add a mirror adjacent to the wall.
  10. You can also add some height to your room by adding a painting with strong vertical lines.
  11. You will be surprise of how a piece of abstract art could make a big impact to your room. It will definitely add personality to your room.
  12. Looking for a perfect place to hang your abstract painting depends on the type of look you want to make. Like for example, if you wish to have a modern gallery look, give each painting lots of space around it and even add picture lighting or track lighting to direct more attention to the painting and give the room more of an intimate glow. Putting lighting in the art will bring out highlights of the painting that you may not even notice.
  13. Paintings made with ink, pencil, charcoal, watercolors or pastels should be framed with glass or Plexiglas. There should also be a mat board between the art and the frame. On the other hand, Acrylic paintings are more study so no need to put frames on them. As a matter of fact, you should not cover oil or acrylic paintings with glass because they need to have air on them.
  14. You should never hang or display your paintings in direct sunlight or near heating vents or under fluorescent lighting because heat can definitely damage art piece over time.

Guidelines for Buying Abstract Art

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Perhaps you want to buy abstract art, something you want to hang on your wall. But what you must keep in mind is that buying such is not as easy as buying an appliances for your new home. So to help you get on the right track, here are some important tips before buying abstract art painting.

  1. Never ever buy painting because you friend or love one likes that painting, but it because you really love it! This is very important and you should never forget. You may also think of buying a painting because one day it can be worth a fortune. We all know that no one can predict the fortune. No evaluator could tell you who would become famous someday. If you can’t stop looking at it, if it awakes emotions within you, if it gives you a happy feeling, then it means you love that painting and those are good reason to consider buying that painting.
  1. Before buying a piece of art, consider the following: Think about the interior design or the design of the room. The kind of mood or style you create should fit your lifestyle. Consider each room individually. What is that room for? Is it for party, entertainment, a quite get away, a playing area, a library or reading area or office pace? What kind of style are you going for? Do you like modern, contemporary, traditional, romantic, country or casual? Consider also the color scheme of the room prior to buying painting. Or if you also like, you can decorate the room around the painting.
  1. Make you searching fun! Why not enjoy the process? Anyway it’s a journey of discovery and there are several new sights along the way. Also, don’t get stuck in just one style. Why not try abstract art paintings, realism, cubism, surrealism, abstract landscape and many more. There are many kinds of paintings to choose from!
  1. There are lots of place where you can go to search for an original abstract art. Check out and visit art auctions, galleries, online galleries, artist’s associations, and online artist’s websites. If you prefer an artist’s style, but they don’t have exactly you are looking for, you may want to try contacting the artist to see if they do commission paintings.
  1. Probably the most advantageous than going through an art dealer is buying directly from the artists. With this, you are bale to have contact with the actual creator of the paintings. And by removing the middle man you could have a discount of 40-60% and therefore you could avail the painting you like on a better price. It will also make both parties happy since you will let the artist personally know how much you enjoy their art work.
  1. Know if the painting is original or not. Though reproductions and prints are nice to collect but if you want an original art painting then you should know some of the terminology. If the description uses words like, reproduction, print, Iris print, giclee, serigraph, lithograph, hand touched, hand embellished or canvas transfer, then it’s not an original painting.

Remember buying painting could be easy if you are equipped with enough information.

Pop Art Movement

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Pop art canvass is a famous sub-branch of the technique pop art. These designs are perfect as gifts and a great addition to you walls. It adds personality and color to ones room.

The Peak and Relativity of Pop Art

Perhaps you have seen pop art not knowing that it is what it is. Individuals who love to funk and color or advertisements and glossy magazine pages may have been staring at pop art in its modern look.

The existence of this pop art has a distinction between what is popular and new to what is late and the weakening. Therefore, the object and the core of pop art would never stop as what is new and poplar would always remain to be relative.

As times passed by the object of pop art had transformed from the technology to which the masterpiece had been created to the object to which the creation centers on. One very good result of pop art is called pop art canvas. This popular technique employs graphic and design software in the application of the ideas of the movement.

Popularly seen today as printed stand-alone wall décor or print portrait version, pop art canvas is a highly unique expression of an underlying cause that had been propagated by the movement. Most commercial websites that has devoted in their activities in the spreading of the techniques of pop art is quite obvious that their production is centered on the request of most consumers to relay the pop art technique to their digital photographs.

We say that that the main objective of pop art is for the consumers to see the simplicity and ordinary things as manifestation of art. In every bottle of soda, in every stroke of the blush powder, and every color that differentiate a powder soap from another is an effort to make a piece that is distinctive and noticeable.

The Person in the Mirror

One person who made a big impact in pop art, Andy Warhol, had created a perfect appearance of pop art in his piece he had titled Marilyn Monroe: Diptych. He then moved later to the faces of Jacqueline Kennedy and Mick Jagger which is a depiction of how art could overcome a divide. But of course, it’s not only those famous people that can be depicted in this method of art. Like what the real idea of pop art: see the beauty in everyday life.

Because of this, it can be said that portraits rendered in pop art canvas had advanced that cause that was began by Andy Warhol. Pictures that reflected the youth and the old that had been made more dramatic with the modern day application of graphic and design software and a half century old technique that is known as pop art canvas could be truest result of the mission set by the pop art movement.

Do you like pop art canvass? Try abstract art too! Visit abstract art galleries on line and see among the gallery paintings that suits your taste.

Which One Is The Right One?

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For art lovers, it is something that is so personal and something worth to treasure with. We choose art and specifically know in mind where it should be put. We know what we want and we also know what will go.

Though you might think it’s an easy task to do, well to tell you honestly, you are wrong. It’s not always that easy and there are things we should keep in mind to make sure that we are choosing the right one.

Abstract art is very popular around the world. The reason for its popularity is that it goes very well in most situations. It doesn’t have connections or even concrete images but it is indeed expressive and suggestive and adds drama to any situation in which it is placed.

To help you choose the perfect piece of art for you home or office, you may want to consider these steps before you buy abstract paintings to make sure you only get what you deserve.

  1. Consider the room or the space

Selecting the appropriate place for your art is very essential. Be sure that the canvas is put on the center of the wall and captures the vision of anyone entering the room to ensure that you make the most of your new acquisition.

  1. Considering the wall

Assess the color of the wall properly on which you want your painting to be hang. As a simple rule of thumb, dark colors will usually require pictures with a lighter color whereas walls that are painted in white or crème can support darker paintings.

  1. Considering the style

Abstract art paintings are come in a wide variety of colors and styles. Choose the one that complements your room or office. A quite minimalist room could have a painting that has more action to it and for a quite busy room just choose something that has a simple style.

  1. Considering the size

Lastly, consider the size of the canvas that you will buy. Select the right size of a canvas that is enough for the space you have. Too big painting will overtly dominate the room that is not necessary what you want. On the other hand, make sure that the canvas is not so small that it gets lost in the room and could not even notice by anyone who enters the room.

So there it goes! Though these are only just simple guidelines to remember it will still help you choose the right piece of art.

What Supports Fit Your Paintings

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First let us define what oil painting support means. Oil painting support is a surface where you can put an oil paint. There are lots of various surfaces which you can use to paint. Anything from certain canvas, woods, and metals can be the support for oil painting. Let me give you the different type of support that will help you to decide which one you will use for your contemporary painting. There’s linen, cotton, canvas pads and wood panels.

1. Linen

This is usually created from fibers of flax plant. Fibers are developed in the yarns or threads that are made into the canvas. It is huge in shape and very strong since they are made for an enormously nice hard wearing support. This type of support has endured the test of time and because of this, most painters choose this for their paintings.

2. Cotton

Cotton canvas is preferably for those beginners in oil painting. It is a strong material and fairly reasonable than those of linens and it also has a perfect weave. If you feel that the cotton is very strong then I suggest you buy a profound graded one. It is very much available in rolls or pre-stretched.

3. Canvas pads

If you have a tight budget but you still want to have a good quality surface for the painting, I recommend canvas pads. These are perfect choice for you. Canvas pads are available in different sixes and are ideal for the beginners in oil painting. They are also perfect for practicing while you are studying on how to paint. If you choose this one, remember to buy heavy weighted canvas pad that will hold the paint.

4. Wood Panels

If you will notice, all first oil paintings are always shaped on panels of wood made up of oak. It is covered up with a ground made with an animal skin paste and the chalk. This ground is then the smooth surface that is perfect for oil paintings.

Remember that choosing what supporters you should use is depending on the style of painting you do. You can use any of these for you abstract art painting. And you may want to buy your abstract art supporter on line for a more convenient way.