How to Take Care of Your Art Pieces

As a painting lover, taking care of my collections is very important. It should be taken cared well and prevent it from things that could damage my paintings. You don’t need to be an expert to take care of your paintings you can do simple things like those owners of abstract art galleries. Here are some tips that I personally do in taking care of my abstract art paintings.

  1. Use extra precautions when handling your original paintings. Do not touch the surface with your bare hands since the oils, acids and salts on your skin can be transferred to the surface and eventually caused damage to your paintings.
  1. If you want to store your painting, put an acid-free paper between each item. Never use cardboard because it contains high amount of acid and can damage your art over tie. It should also be kept flat and not rolled up in a tube for any length of time.
  1. Never leave or put your abstract paintings in a high temperature place or inside your car for a long period of time. If shipped in a tube, take it away as soon as you can and lay it flat.
  1. If you plan to clean acrylic and oil paintings, simply dust it often to avoid build up of dust. Another good way of cleaning it is to blow across the surface with compressed air. Never spray commercial cleaners onto the surface of the paintings or else it will damage.
  1. Acrylic is extremely sturdy and its life may be greater than all other artist’s tools. They can keep hold of their original brilliance longer than traditional oil paintings. Also, they are not as sensitive to UV radiation as watercolors.

Paintings either for collections or as a source of your income should be taking cared of properly. It could be a big investment someday so take time to know how you will render appropriate care for them.

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