Since the prehistoric era art has beennanny_prehistoric interpreted as an impulsive manifestation of a person’s emotions. From there it has transformed and has integrated itself in the different stages of history. From its inception during the renaissance through the artistic works or Leonardo da Vinci, Pablo Picasso and Michael Angelo to the contemporary artworks of David Aberg, truly art has come a long way from the caves of Ajanta to the present and ever dynamic world of the internet. Today art painting has been redefined as it now made accessible through paintings and arts online.

The accessibility of paintings and arts has reached and inspired thousands of contemporary artists. Because of modern technology millions of art enthusiasts can easily procure or view the art works of artist even those from a different geographical location. Thus in effect it persuades thousands of people to enter the art profession and create inspirational masterpieces.

The availability of painting and art online has broken the geographical barriers that in effect also shattered the cultural barrier which in effect creates a united community of divine culture. The online art and painting exhibits has increased convenience for both enthusiasts and artists. This is due to the fact that before the advent of online paintings and arts an art enthusiast or a collector must travel thousands of miles before he/she could appreciate the artists’ masterpiece.


But today due to modern technology an art collector can now view the artists’ masterpieces and could even purchase the artworks from the comforts of his/her home via the internet.

We could therefore say that online art and painting exhibit is really convenient for both artist and collector. These online exhibits guarantee the artist an audience and potential buyers, not to mention the fact that his/her artwork will not only be accessible and be appreciated by a privileged few but anyone who appreciates art and paintings.

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