What Supports Fit Your Paintings

First let us define what oil painting support means. Oil painting support is a surface where you can put an oil paint. There are lots of various surfaces which you can use to paint. Anything from certain canvas, woods, and metals can be the support for oil painting. Let me give you the different type of support that will help you to decide which one you will use for your contemporary painting. There’s linen, cotton, canvas pads and wood panels.

1. Linen

This is usually created from fibers of flax plant. Fibers are developed in the yarns or threads that are made into the canvas. It is huge in shape and very strong since they are made for an enormously nice hard wearing support. This type of support has endured the test of time and because of this, most painters choose this for their paintings.

2. Cotton

Cotton canvas is preferably for those beginners in oil painting. It is a strong material and fairly reasonable than those of linens and it also has a perfect weave. If you feel that the cotton is very strong then I suggest you buy a profound graded one. It is very much available in rolls or pre-stretched.

3. Canvas pads

If you have a tight budget but you still want to have a good quality surface for the painting, I recommend canvas pads. These are perfect choice for you. Canvas pads are available in different sixes and are ideal for the beginners in oil painting. They are also perfect for practicing while you are studying on how to paint. If you choose this one, remember to buy heavy weighted canvas pad that will hold the paint.

4. Wood Panels

If you will notice, all first oil paintings are always shaped on panels of wood made up of oak. It is covered up with a ground made with an animal skin paste and the chalk. This ground is then the smooth surface that is perfect for oil paintings.

Remember that choosing what supporters you should use is depending on the style of painting you do. You can use any of these for you abstract art painting. And you may want to buy your abstract art supporter on line for a more convenient way.

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