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Other factors in creating modern art canvas

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Knowing what appropriate medium you will use to create a contemporary painting as well as knowing about the modifications included in the artwork is just a mere introduction of the subject matter.  Aside form these, other factors to allow you to totally understand the difference it may bring to your life and home.  For a true lover of art, you know that there are things to talk about in this meticulous artistic concept. Want to learn more about the other factors to produce a masterpiece in modern canvas art?

There are three factors leading to the formation of beautiful abstract art piece in this particular terminology.  These factors form variations as to the colors, styles and applications of the finished product.  Each of them has different distinctiveness and descriptions you should know more about.

What are these three factors?

  1. Ideas or theme: This represents your specifications as a client that what the artists have in mind. Though you can work with your chosen artist before the work will start, more of the ideas come from what you have in your mind. Of course, for you to be bale to make it a real contemporary artwork, ideas are more of modern ones.  This is the real spirit to its cognizance as a good masterpiece categorized in this subject.  To be able to have a thoroughly understanding of modern canvas art, it is also best to look into how it evolved and know something about its history.
  1. Techniques or Method Used: Modern artists usually used different techniques in creating their art piece. The word technique refers to the number of brushstrokes used in the masterpiece in order to come out with the clients specifications. More artists prefer to use single stroke since it produces the art piece in lesser time than the usual. If you observe traditional artists like Van Gough or Da Vinci own collections, you will notice that they have allocated much of their time (possibly a week or a month) to produce a single masterpiece.  In modern art, it is more of producing more artworks in a day.

Technology: Since it a modern art piece expects that the abstract art painting is injected with different technologies to make the workload easier. Two and three-dimensional models are captured with the use of other equipment to bring color and life to the collection.  Often, computers and printers are of great help to artists in production.

Want to have a modern pool party for your teen? Try this Modern Idea!

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There are many summer pool party ideas available for everyone, but this Pollock painting is definitely a party rocking, shocking dab of genius! With teens who love art, music or food this party idea will be an over-the-top celebration to remember.

For you to plan a party like this, take practical steps to pump up the party atmosphere. Be sure your teen takes ownership in the planning stages by being in charge of the music. It’s simple enough. Simply post daily reminders on the fridge a few weeks in advance and most likely your teen will be planning the music like a professional DJ.

Remember to assign one teen to take pictures of the event along with one who’ll capture the action on video, if possible. Have them post their film clips and pictures online for all to enjoy the day after.

But before anything else, let’s take a short look at the artist “in charge” of the painting. On the day of the party, this information can be used to inspire the party goers’ artwork.

Jackson Pollock (1912-1956)

He was considered the most original American painter. The reason for this is his extraordinary physical involvement with the act of his actual painting was unique. His friend and patron, the artist, Alfonso Ossorio, described Pollock’s artistic journey this way: “Here I saw a man who had both broken all the traditions of the past and unified them, who had gone beyond cubism, beyond Picasso and surrealism, beyond everything that had happened in art…”

His Artwork

Influenced by the different artist including their styles, he painted in a completely abstract art manner; it was called the “drip and splash style” for which he is popularly known.

Attaching his canvas to the floor or a wall, he poured and dripped his paint out of a can. As an alternative of brushes, he used sticks or knives to work the paint on the canvas. Sometimes he added a mixture of sand or broken glass to “express the unconscious moods of the artist.”

“On the floor I am more at ease, I feel nearer, more a part of the painting, since this way I can walk around in it, work from the four sides and be literally ‘in’ the painting.” ~Jackson Pollock, 1947

Planning for the Party

Tools include:

  • 1 framed canvas for each artist. The larger the better
  • 1 brush, 1 stick, 1 knife each person
  • A variety of small cans of paints for each artists
  • Paper towels
  • Small cups of sand
  • Daylight

Make it sure that when the painting begins, the music is playing and everyone has their workspace set up comfortably on the grass. Before too long, the painting will take on a serious note. Even non-artists can find a way to be excited about their work. Let the art dry outdoors while food is served.

If you liked this modern art party idea, you may also like reading about another outdoor teen party. You can also use abstract art paintings to add spices in your party ambiance. Contemporary painting like abstract is perfect for your modern teen party!

Creating Drama to Still-Life Paintings

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A finished painting with a mistake is hard to correct. Proper planning is very important in every painting that the artist will make. In painting a still life, the artists should have a great image in his/her mind the chosen subject right before the session start. To help you with, this articles aims to help you in how you will paint a dramatic still life painting, here are some few steps:

The tension in fine art

Like in all games, every play must have its player and same goes for still life paintings. Everything that included in the painting should have its story, just like watching a theater play to participate and connect with its audience. Right before the artist start to paint, he/she should arrange properly in his/her mind every single item that involves in his/her painting.

For an artist to create a painting with a drama there should be “tension” that can be manifested in the “players” or the items. To be able for the artist to produce tension, he/she can use the opposing textures, colors and shapes to keep the eye moving around the image.

The Story behind the painting

After creating a tension of the painting, the artist should also include the dialog of each “player”.

Take for example a teapot that has been placed in a way that is pointing at the spilled pot. The positioning of these items can manipulate the viewer to imagine what may have happened in the story that the painting is trying to tell. Although the viewers may not really interpret the real story or what the artists wanted to tell, they are still communicating with the painting that is very much important.

To create a communication between the painting and the viewer, the artist must play with their still life objects like as if they are playing with dolls. Producing a communication with the pieces will give your painting life and drama on its own.

Contrasting Colors

Another way to create a tension in your painting is through the color contrast of your art piece. To achieve this, the artists should use colors on opposite sides of the color wheel or by using a light color next to a dark color.

Combining all these elements to create a drama

For the artist to create these drama, ask yourself first before you begin painting your still life art piece.

  1. What hues could give a great impact to the painting?
  2. Should I darken or lighten the background to improve the contrast with the objects?
  3. What should I do to be able the “players” interacts more with the viewers?
  4. Is the painting has a story to tell?

The dramatic look on every still life paintings give more impact to its audience, this way your viewer can interact with your art piece easily. You can also apply these tips in doing your contemporary painting or abstract painting. Though your viewer may not interpret what you really want them to understand, they will still have an interaction with your abstract art piece, which is worthy goal!

Contemporary Art: A Perfect Wall Décor!

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Surely, art is the very amazing! It is almost everything we see, feel and touch and can be captured with its application. Every finish products could be connected on how we live our lives as humans. Though there are different interpretations by different people, whether it is a bunch of geometrical figures and patterns or even a simple battle of colors, there is a certain beauty to it. It has meanings that illustrate different emotions. Obviously, it is the perfect form of expression without spoken words

Contemporary painting is a unique form of art, modern yet strong and expressive. One form of it is abstract art. An artist could express his feeling with his art piece through using lines, shapes and colors that attracts viewer’s eyes. It is something you can’t actually interpret right away and the impressions come from how your eyes see it. Another form of this art is minimalism, where the objects are designed from its most basic form. It is a fuzz-free art and can be as simple as a square or circle that is being showcased in its different angle. These arts could not be very appealing to most people because of tits modern look. But these are perfect décor to your walls and can still look much better with contemporary décor.

Metal works could add life to your boring walls as it can awaken your interests once you hang it. You can’t help yourself from staring and thinking what the object could be. The shiny materials used for these paintings can look very stylish on your wall. Another object that could surely add new look and style to your wall is abstract paintings. Having one could add some colors and texture to your empty walls. The good thing about having a contemporary painting are that no matter how puzzling the object are illustrated but the colors are just appealing to the eye. A simple boring wall can look lively just as long paints of this quality are used.

You will definitely enjoy how a contemporary wall décor could do for your homes. One thing to remember is that no matter what will not be very far out with the theme you are adapting to a specific room. Not all contemporary arts can goes well with other themes. One thing I am sure of, these designs can really make your wall interesting and could be one of the best highlights in your house! So, why not have one?

Motherhood in art

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Our mothers are one of those significant persons in our lives whom we will always cherish. They have brought and raised us up with all of their unconditional love and care. They  were the ones who spent sleepless nights just to watch over us, their guiding arms and hands never failed to keep us stand up especially during those times when we were about to fall, they cry when we are down, and bleed when we cry. They are the ones that strongly held us when the problems start to plague our lives, and believed in us when the entire world only sees the lies in us.

With that, these women and their noble acts of raising us continue to gain recognition as evident in most of the works of art that celebrate motherhood. In fact, renowned sculptors and painters such as Raphael, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Giovanni Bellini, Caravaggio, Rubens, Salvador Dali and Henry Moore, have created classical artworks– with medium ranging from canvass to stones – that depicts a mother and a child, often called as “Madonna and child.”  In addition, abstract art and contemporary painting artists are not exempted from giving accolade to the continuous celebration of motherhood in the world of art as seen in their works that is filled with the prowess of the lines and forms that expresses the security, love, care, understanding, and the bond created between the mother and the child.

Mother’s Day may have already passed but it does not mean that the celebration ends there – it continues to go on for as long as there is mother who continues to look at her child with such loving eyes. So tell them how thankful you are. Give them the kisses you fail to share, the “I love you mom” that you are shy to say, the warmth of a hug that they have been waiting for, or the flowers that will simply make their day. Or, you may opt to give them something that will endure for a long time such as abstract art paintings that she may have liked in one of the abstract galleries you have visited together or with an original abstract art painting. Show them how you feel even if you might be far away with these paintings that are filled with colors, textures and form that will help brighten up her day when she sees it on her hallway.

Making exquisite painting? Try preliminary painting!

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Everyone knows that for someone to come up with a very good performance, one must practice first before the big day come. Same goes with other things that needed to be practice first before you gain the success you wanted.

We all know that in this life, practicing beforehand will always help us to achieve the goal we ever wanted. And same goes for the artists. Through creating a painted study, they get there practice too.

For the beginners to understand better what I’m saying, painted study is simply a preliminary exploratory work made before beginning the final painting.

I’m not promoting completing a study before every painting because the process itself could hinder the naturalness that is so significant in many works of art. However, when working on a complicated painting, this might work to save your time and lessen your anxiety about the project.

Depending on the project or painting you will make one might take one to two hours to finalize a study. However his/her time did not go to waste. Below are a few advantages;

  • While it is possible to fix errors in a watercolor painting, getting it right in the first pass will keep the artwork fresh and spontaneous.
  • Once you did a study, most probably you will have a fewer problem with the actual painting. Preliminary studies also reveal challenging areas like in palette choices, mixing of colors, values, light source issues, composition, etc.
  • It would be a more enjoyable painting experience for you since you already know where problems would likely to occur. It will make you more confident, faster in creating your painting and less stressed.
  • With the “taking all the risks” attitude during the study phase, your brush strokes will be inclined to become less on purpose, more spontaneous. In the end you will find out that you are taking creative risks, after all it’s only a practice.
  • After you finished the painted study and you are ready to start the real one, your study becomes a working copy that you can actually experiment on as you do your final art piece.

So, have you ever tried to do preliminary study before you make your painting? If you haven’t, I suggest you try it for yourself. This is a good idea when you are making a complex contemporary painting. You might also want to visit abstract art gallery and look among those gallery paintings and study how the artists made them.

Comparing the art pieces of two Masters

The 20th century might be the rising of the social, political, and economic world. Indeed, it also gives its way to a huge change in the art world. Among those artists on this period, two revolutionary artists, Claude Monet and Paul Cezanne made their way in finding new ways of representing nature, but definitely in different style.

Monet, being one of the great leaders of the impressionist art movement, studied the way in which outdoor light plays upon nature. His way was not meant to be much defined that makes his pieces most effective when seen at distance still, it is very clear what his paintings are.

On the other hand, Cezanne’s art pieces show early evidence of what would eventually be known as the Cubist art movement. This movement was accidentally built out of a reaction to Impressionism. Like Monet, he did not present a clear and concise picture of the world, but he was totally different from Monet in a sense of how he went about it.

Examples of their art piece

The oil painting entitled Banks of the Seine, Vetheuil that was made by Monet in 1880 is one of the many perfect landscapes he was recognized for.

What he wanted to do is to present a single moment of light and bring to us the feelings and emotions regarding the power of Nature. His purposeful division of subjects leads the eye spontaneously from one plane to another. He started with detailed concentration on the flowers in the meadow that lead us into the water of the pond, then to the trees and shrubs in the background, and then into the sky above.

Cezanne painted very well the Le Chateau Noir in 1904 which is a landscape.

His painting was different from Monet’s, but in the Le Chateau is illustrated in unnatural way and without a balanced composition. And if Monet used soft, somewhat pastel-like colors, Cezanne used bold, dark, contrasting and striking colors to express his images.

What are the comparison of Monet and Cezanne’s techniques?

Regarding with Monet’s technique, he painted like an Impressionist where the images was carried in his mind before he actually painted it, and just suggested to the viewer through a huge number of small, energetic strokes of pure color. Except for the colors that meets the other on the canvas, they were unintentionally blended and layers of colors were used to come up with the animated effect of the paintings.

Also, Monet’s water is composed of many, several layered brush strokes of different hues to present how the outdoor light is reflected from its surface.

Contrary to that of Monet, Cezanne used a more mechanical, uniform method, and even prevents himself from the intimacy of Impressionism by taking a viewpoint far away from the Chateau and peeking through the trees at it.

Also in contrast to Monet’s way of painting of small, energetic brush strokes on his entire canvas, Cezanne painted with large flat brush strokes and dark lines, at times giving his paintings a feeling of disorder, and certainly showing us a glimpse of Cubism with his more basic cube-like shapes.

We can say that Monet was fond of the effect of light in Nature so that he could expose its natural beauty; on the other hand, Cezanne was more systematic and manipulative, studying nature to reduce it to its simplest forms.

All in all, Cezanne and Monet both presented inventive and innovative ideas of how to capture nature on canvas and were those techniques and philosophies which led the way to Modernism in the art world.

Try to look and view some of Monet’s and Cezanne’s artwork in some abstract art gallery online or search among the gallery paintings with the same techniques used by these two artists. You might also want to buy abstract art painting or any contemporary painting to decorate on your wall.

Coffee Painting straight from Java Cup!!!

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Truly, may artist still find their way to discover a new technique for their artworks. German artist named Dieter Roth add a twist to his masterpiece. He used a variety of edibles in his cultural work including spices and bananas. Espresso, coffee or Tea is not an exception. I’m sure some of you have already heard the sensational and fabulous art of coffee painting.

Brief Historical Background

According to some, the art of coffee painting might originated from “Thai’ regions. In the past, Chinese were used to make brown background in painting using tea. Yet, coffee painting nowadays is taking over its place completely.

Perfect for artwork

Not all people know that coffee is a great medium to form art. Using coffee as your medium will have your painting an old-look effect. Using a pure coffee, water and brush will let your painting have an everlasting shine. This unique method of painting can not be delivered by any other medium.

Only a few knows that coffee painting could be use as a dye for painting and creation. Artists are coming up in a series creating a tremendous art with coffee. Pornchai Lerthmmasiri (Thailand), Mira and Amita, Andy and Angel, Karen Eland and others are few of artists who have done a fantastic and extraordinary artwork with coffee.

Coffee has its unique qualities to other mediums. Coffee is a unique way in making your artwork. It will depend on how much water you add to create different tones. According to Pornchai, at first he started to cover his water color painting lightly with coffee to get the old-look effect. He found out that it was very interesting and effective and continued to experiment. Some of it was good and some were not.

Ancient buildings, waterfalls, distant mountain, streets in one shade or anything which is kind of brown color can be made with coffee effectively.

Using coffee as your dye is not that difficult, all you need is just coffee mixed with water, a brush and water color paper. You can try it on canvas but note that when it becomes fold, the coat of the coffee will crack. You may want your paper mounted on wood to keep it from flexing.

Note that if you will use too much coffee the texture will be too elastic to paint with and will make unwanted glittering flakes on the paper. Though coffee paintings may not be last a lifetime but the same can be said for many other mediums.

Some others belief that once you paint with coffee, you will never think of any other mediums. Perhaps, impression and aroma of coffee painting holds breathe of art, artist, and art lovers on single canvas.

Coffee painting is one of many modern way of doing an artwork. Many contemporary paintings of today give an ever-fantastic look to your place. You may also buy abstract art painting to decorate your place. You may also visit the nearest abstract art gallery and be amaze with what you will see.

Outdoor Painting

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What people mostly think when they heard paintings or art is gallery or where we can place the paintings inside our home. On the other hand, when we heard about sculptures or plaque, we think about outdoor areas. Outdoors wall art offers the same opportunities for you to design outdoors as we could on indoors. As what everyone would like, you can make your backyard beautiful with the replicas of popular paintings.

Outdoor wall paintings are can safely be hung outside for the whole year. It also has a look of stretched canvas plus it has UV inks that are printed right away to the aluminum. The artwork is wrap around its sides that gives the picture an amazing three dimensional quality. Since the reproduction quality is look exactly as the original, no one could tell that it is not a real canvas. Another thing is the surface coating has been scientifically approved to withstand even the worst weather conditions. Your canvas’ texture could either be smooth or faux.  Aluminum is a strong and resistant to elements that make it best for outdoor use plus it is a lightweight metal with a bright silvery luster.

Since this is resistant to fading, moisture, oxidation, peeling, freezing temperatures and UV rays, you don’t have to worry if you will put this decoration on you decks, patios, pool areas and garden walls. This could add your garden walls a character and color plus it will definitely look more elegant than any other garden wall.

Of course like any other decoration it requires maintenance, but with this, a little bit of cleaning will do. For dust or dirt, just wash it with mild soap and this can be hosed off with water. Most paintings come with mounting brackets and fasteners. Virtually, it secures to any outdoor surface with brick, stucco, wood, stone or siding.

With this wall art, you could have an open air gallery as large as your imagination can allow and will bring the gift of wonder back into your life and environment.

You may find it disheartening when looking for the perfect piece of art. Let me give you a few examples that may help you decide in choosing the complete style that will fit you: If your decor is quite antique in design, try romanticism or impressionism; for a more traditional look, look for something vintage or retro art; and for contemporary or modern, try art deco, pop art, or abstract art. Which ever your style is, make sure that it will satisfy your needs.

Aside from you garden you can also put a wall art by your pool. Let’s say a beach front scene where there are sea gulls flying around with a view of rushing waves, or en a picture of falls. These would surely give your pool a relaxing look.

You may also want to buy abstract art to spice up you home. Try to visit any abstract art gallery so you can choose the best abstract art painting among those paintings.

Reaching out in a true meaning of abstraction

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I found out that there many people who don’t have that ability to grasp the deeper meaning of abstract art. Commonly, those people are not great enthusiasts to begin with, although they may claim to be. Like for example someone I know. I did remember going to an abstract art gallery with her, where she spotted a painting across the room. She was so curious and called it beautiful, she come closer to it and examined it. And when she found out that it was just a simple technique (which she whisper it was just a bunch of lines) she sent away her initial interest.


The painting is a landscape and could best describe as an impressionistic style. Most people wouldn’t even consider it as an abstract art, and yet I am pretty sure that she thought it was abstract because of its painterly quality (the brush stroke was very visible).

I knew she was wrong (of course she is)! It is indeed not the artist’s style or method of painting that distinguishes a work as either abstract or figurative, rather, the content of any abstract art painting itself. That fact that she considered a work that was clearly figurative to be abstract (which made it, to her, a less work of art) simply because of the slight painterly quality of that abstract painting, made me realize how badly informed many people are to art and the understanding the whole thing. You can not figure it out by just standing inches away from it!

The worst part of it is that she demonstrated another common ignorance about abstract art (the idea that the farther a work strays from the figurative, the more abstract a work is, the less talented the artist, and the less substance there is to be found in the painting). Well, there are really many people like who do not realize that the human imagination, specifically an artist who reaches far beyond the things that can be seen in this world. And that is a fact that everyone should remember. Not only in matters of art, but in all aspects of life.

Concrete effect of abstract art

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Are you not sure of what type of art you prefer? In looking for the perfect wall decor for your room, you would find out that you are going through an intimidating task. Way back before, lots of decorations styles has existed. The most popular among them all is the abstract art. Most of the time people would think about abstract art paintings and sculptures.


On the other hand, a huge variety of mediums can represent abstract art. We must realize the exact meaning of it to better appreciate any abstract painting.

Abstract art has quite extensive meanings. However, abstract art would exactly refer to those types of Western art of the 1900s that are abandon representation and have no starting points or finishing points within nature. Take note, it is completely a contemporary paintings or art. This is because the art itself is abstract. Meaning, the abstraction does not rely on a particular object or nature itself.

The Russian painter, Vasily Kandinsky was the first artist who often receives credit for creating a painting solely using abstract art and was done approximately during the year 1910. After then, it becomes very popular in the year 1915 and 1920.

It became more and more popular in the united Sates because of the two European exhibitions done in the early 1990s. It was in New York where the first exhibition happened and it was during the year 1913. However, the second exhibit occurred in San Francisco during the year 1917. During the years between World War I and World War II, there was continuous growth of abstract art. As a matter of fact, it had been considered as the Western art’s most classic attribute starting 1930s.

It was in the same time when the ending of World War II occurred when the art form Abstract Expressionism begun to exist in the US. As a matter of fact, Americans and European sculptures and paintings had a very great impact

The cessation of the World War II occurred during the same time when the art form Abstract Expressionism started to exist in the United States. In fact, the American and European sculptures and paintings had a very great effect.

During the 1950s, Minimalism turned out to be the main medium of abstract art. Among the present abstract wall art now express this artistic style. This type is much simpler and less personal compared to its prior variations. As times goes by, the focus is on the same, develop into exploring the link between forms and colors. When the 21st century arose, art forms like figurative and conceptual art had turned out to be as essential as abstract art.