Abstract Imagery of the Nature

Perhaps most oil painters use nature as their source of inspiration. The natural organic qualities of the medium make oil paint as the best choice in painting the nature.

Below are some ways to make an ordinary object of nature become a great abstract painting.


Most objects in nature look more undeniably beautiful from afar but even more in a very close view. Through intensification, you can communicate the delicate intrinsic qualities the viewer may not notice in the objects natural size. Through abstraction, nature’s beauty formed a new understanding that viewers will understand. Although viewers may not recognized it on the first time they set their eyes to the painting, upon realization the viewers will be able to feel and experience life through a new point of view.

Giving Emphasis and Stress

Using a mushroom for an instance as a subject can let you focus on the curves and folds and by using lines, you can stressed and give emphasis to the mushrooms curve and folds. Instead of shading to give a realistic look of the mushrooms why not allow the growth to dictate a pattern that you wanted to mimics in each of your painting. Viewers may not recognize it first that it was really mushrooms but they will surely appreciate the uniqueness of the subject through the bold yet graceful organic texture.


The most popular technique on abstract art painting that illustrates objects in a deformed way would be Surrealism and Cubism. Like intensification and giving emphasis on the objects, deformation of nature can allow for a fresh new approach toward understanding the world as we know it. And with this method you can create an abstract art visual stimulation that allows the viewer to enter in new way of ideas.


If you would just take a look around you will find out that we are tremendously fortunate to be surrounded by many forces of nature where we could get inspiration. You can use anything within your reach as your subject for creating abstract paintings. Try to look at your backyard, you may find a magnificent flower there, or trees, or even your favorite dog and used these tips to have an oil painting in abstract imagery. All you have to do is to try, anyway, there’s no harm in trying, right?

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