Abstract art

Let’s do something different today: the first option is, try to go to a local art gallery store and look for abstract art paintings, or, if you’re the home buddy type of person, try to check your internet and search for abstract art galleries. What do you see? Paintings, of course. What else do you expect? But now, try to really see. Look deeper. Done? Now, what did you see?

On a first glance, you might say that the only things you see are color, lines and patterns, especially if you’re not the kind of person who is usually used to admiring and looking at abstract art paintings. And on top of that, they look as if they were created by just a Sixth-Grader, or even younger: nothing seems to fit; nothing seems to create any sense, nothing seems to be realistic and nothing seems to be so professional or mature about it. It’s just as if the artist splashed on the colors on a piece of paper, added some lines to it, and called it art.

But, there is definitely more to that.

Abstract art or abstract art paintings allow a person to view and relate to the paintings on a personal level. Nothing is really realistic or definite in them for the simplest reason that they are not supposed to tell its viewers what it is supposed to say per-se. Rather, what it does is that it allows its viewers to look deeply into their souls, and reflect on how these abstract paintings are able to get through their being by sharing the feelings that were created while looking at them.

Also, it allows the artist to explore a different level of freedom in expressing their feelings by creating something that is not bound to any restrictions or formalities, but that which also allows them to channel a great part of their being by making full use of the formal qualities of an artwork – lines, color, form, textures, and patterns, composition and process – and to harmonize these qualities to create a composition.

Painting abstract art paintings are not exactly easy, but a very rewarding at that.

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