Painting abstract art (General)

Creating an abstract painting is not entirely easy, but it is a very fun thing to do. It entails full understanding of what you are trying to do or show. Achieving a meaningful abstract art painting requires the artist to really assess their feelings so that they can really “transfer” it into their canvas. Aside from that, there is a need for the artist to harmonize lines, color, form, textures, and patterns, composition and process.

Sound scary? Now, do be! Here are a few tips to help you create your own abstract painting. For starters, you may try to:

  • Select a subject. What do you want to share with your viewers? Is it happiness because you just got a new puppy? Or is it sadness because your pet is sick? You may try to walk along the park, and have an inspiration for creating abstract art.
  • Sketch it. How would you want your abstract art painting to look like? Are you going to paint based on a real subject, and turn it into an abstract? Or do you want it to be made of purely lines and colors, or circles or colors? What are the colors that will best express your feelings? What lines do you want to dominate?
  1. Play with your painting. Let your creativity work! Add details to your work such as dots or bold lines. You may also want to try adding water splashes. The thing is, paint like a child. You are free to do anything in an abstract art painting, so might as well make good use of it.
  • Free you inner self. Let your feelings flow into your painting. Feel free to do anything! Are you in haste? Why not try to add some blurry lines to reflect fast movement? Or dark colors to show sadness?

Want to create abstract paintings that are so noteworthy to be placed on an abstract art gallery?  Just remember that the most important thing about it is that when you are doing abstract art paintings make sure that you are able to reflect who you are and what you really feel. It’s just you.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your canvass or papers, your colors and brushes!

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