Fruits Painting

Perhaps you you’d agree if I say that fruit is one of the most favorite subjects of artist for their oil painting. Surely, fruit is the perfect subject for painter’s who give emphasize with the texture, shape and appeal.

In my own opinion, fruit is the preferred subject for a decorative painting since it symbolizes abundance and let the viewer remember the sweet, subtle enjoyment of life. Even during these days when there are many modern technologies available in the market, fruit painting is something that would give us the view of a favorable climate giving way to an abundant harvest that will lead us to a happy times. Even though the viewer would not think about what fruit painting could give them and why decorative walls with depiction of several varieties of fruit gives an undeniably attracting look, fruit paintings are indeed famous.

Aside from the appealing look of still life fruit can give to its viewer, it is also a perfect subject to paint with to artists in regard with the basic shapes. Round fruits such as oranges and apples aid the artists understand the fundamental elements of art as they apply to any spherical object. By painting pears, artists learn how to add complexity to the understanding of light and shadow, as the peculiar almost cone-like shapes reflect light and cast shadows in several places. Another fruit that most artists paint are grapes; painting grapes allow the mastering of painting spherical object within cluster that has a shape of its own.

As you try fruit painting you will find out that it is not that complicated to do and can be learn through simple decorative one stroke painting methods that of course you can apply on variety of surfaces. It would be easy for you to paint subjects such as apples, blossoms, leaves, bracts, strawberries, garlic, tomatoes, and many more. By learning the elements in fruit painting, you can use them along with the others to come up with your own unique design. And after you gain expertise in one stroke fruit painting, you will be able to sell your art work and painting will become your source of income. Not only that, if people like your work of art you will gain popularity and can become famous in the world of painting.

Do you know Paul Cézanne? He was probably the best still-life painter in the history. Most subjects he painted in his still-life art works were fruits. Usually he used apples and oranges as his subject to create an intricate arrangement of line and color. The way Cézanne use the pieces of fruit make his still-life painting surprisingly fragmented in composition and color.

Want to be a fruit painting artists? You might also want to try contemporary painting like abstract art painting. To be able to have an idea about abstract paintings, search whatever you wish to know in the internet or try to visit any abstract art gallery and see how beautiful abstract art is.

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