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Play with vegetables and prints

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Eating vegetables have always played a vital role in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and body. But their ability to cater to our needs does not only feed the physiological needs of our body, but also its creative aspect. What I mean is, for example, if you want to make your own abstract art or contemporary paintings but don’t know how or where to start and what to make use of, you can use them! Yes, you heard me right! You can use make use of your vegetables either as a subject or as a medium in creating your original abstract art that is worthy to be placed on your home walls or in your abstract art gallery.

The materials you will need are:

  • Potatoes, or other vegetables such as mushroom, citrus, cabbages (cut lengthwise), that will make a good surface or design for printing. IF you want, you may also make use of a sponge.
  • Knife or crafting knife to make create a design
  • Pencil
  • Colors or paints
  • Paper, canvass, cloth, place mats or other surfaces that you want to put your design on
  • Newspaper of plastic to cover your working surface


  1. Cut the vegetables. When cutting, be sure to make a straight and flat printing surface so that you can easily transfer their design on the paper.
  2. For your potatoes or in your other vegetables that does not have a design yet, you may draw the design you want by first sketching it on the surface of your potatoes using your pencil. You may try making frogs, grasses or the likes.
  3. Next, carve out your design using your knife.
  4. When you have all of the designs you want, it is now time to bring out your paper or canvass and your colors to transfer your designs on them! Simply dip the vegetables on the colors and press it against your canvass. Experiment and play with your colors. Have fun!

If you have children, this project can serve as a bonding activity where both of you will surely enjoy making – just be careful about the knife. Supervise the kids when handling sharp objects, also there are some vegetables, like mushroom and citrus, that creates beautiful designs without the need to even carve them out.

How to Paint a Sea

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Want to make your own original abstract art but cannot decide on what you would like to paint? Why not try painting a beautiful scene in the beach?

Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Imagine a beach with very calm blue water kissing the white sands that are set against a luscious green mountain backdrop with the clearest sky that you could have ever seen way high above it. Imagine those smooth waves that gently touch the sand line, carrying a few of those sands along with them as they draw themselves back to the water, and strives hard to return to the shore again. Take a deep, relaxing breath and smell the sweet odor of the sea that surrounds you. Imagine the trees dancing and swaying gracefully to the tune of the warm breeze that brushes past against it and see the leaves as they gently fall down to those powdery smooth white sands. Look up and notice how blue a sky can ever be, with the soft white clouds trying to let the shy sunshine peek through, while sea birds slowly flies past. Feel the rhythm of the wind; listen to the beat of the sea waves, and the warmth of the sun.

Then, slowly take hold of your paint brush and start to paint the soft, clear and blue sky, the luscious mountain, the white sand that curves to the calm sea. Move in relaxed strokes, wavy lines, nothing really rigid or straight lines, nothing really definite. Blue on the upper part, green somewhere in the middle, aqua on the lower left side, and sandy white on the lower right side. Let the smooth and relaxing vibe you have felt earlier flow through your arms to your hands and to your brushes. Remember that what you want to show or paint are the feelings you felt while you were imagining the beautiful and relaxing scene you had just experienced earlier. Take a good grasp on the momentum it had given you.

And if things does not go well, just remember this beautiful quotation: Try the freedom of letting things flow as is the waves are not hitting the rocks, just bounce back and hit again. If not, you may try to buy abstract art paintings by visiting an online abstract art gallery.

Do-it-yourself Gift Idea: Mug it you way!

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With the “-beer”-months up and about, Christmas is definitely fast approaching! See your community go red and green with a lot of festive moods from the blah and chaos that it used to be. Walk down along a downtown street and you will see that as early as September comes in, the Yuletide season starts to come alive with the emerging Christmas activity promotions, Christmas decorations and presents crowding almost every store.

Now, speaking of presents, just what will you give to your loved ones, and especially to those god-children, that will fit your tight budget? Oh no! Really, really, no need to panic my friend. Don’t fret! Well, you may always resolve the problem with a simple solution: Do it yourself.

Here are some simple steps in doing a Do-it-yourself mug perfect for those boxes you will give:

  1. Choose your mug. White mugs are the best mugs to start your personalized mugs since the you will not have any difficulty in selecting the colors that you will use. But, if you already have a design that has a different background color, you may buy the mug with that color to make things easier.
  1. Paint it. If you have a design that you want to copy then do so. Or, you may opt to make use of stencils or sponges. Not good in painting or have no idea on just what you want to paint? Try designing your mug with an abstract art or contemporary art. These two forms of art gives you the freedom to do or paint, basically, whatever you want. Splatter your mugs with Christmas colors; put dots, lines – anything that you can think of. You may not know it, but you’re already doing your original abstract art on glass! It does not need to be perfect. You may use acrylic or porcelain paints and pens. Let the Christmas Spirit fill you when you design your mug. Just enjoy doing it!
  1. Wrap them (they’re ready to be given away!). When coating and all the colors are dry, wrap them or put them in colorful wrappers or boxes. Or, if you want, you may fill them in with other goodies like chocolates, candies and other things that your loved ones may like!

See? Why worry yourself with the Christmas hassles when it just easy as 1-2-3!