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Nature’s way: Printing with leaves

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Over and over again, we have heard and read that nature is the subject that has inspired artists and their works. In abstract art paintings, nature designs seem to have gained its popularity because of its beautiful and colorful themes and its ability to convey meanings easily despite the use of just small part of it. Leaves for one makes a bold statement in creating abstract paintings. If you want to create your own original abstract art painting, try doing it with leaves – not only will it create beautiful pieces, it is also very economical since leaves are widely available everywhere! All you need to do is to pick them! Let the fun starts!

Basically, you only need different materials that are already widely available: (1) the leaves, you may just pick up anywhere but if possible, use fresh leaves since they are flatter than the crinkly, old ones but if you really desire some added texture, you may still use them. But make sure that they do not break easily; (2) Cloth, paper or any other surface where you want to have your design on; and (3) Colors or paints, you may make use of any medium you want – from pastels to tempera to other paints with brushes;(4) Plastic or newspaper to protect your table from stray paints or colors; and paper weights if you need to weight down your cloth or paper.

There are different ways to transfer your leaf design on your paper or cloth. Select one, or combine them, to make the output that you design:

  1. Negative printing. Place your leaves on top of your paper and roll or paint colors all over it. Remove the leaf and – voila! – Negative leaf design. You may also want to try to make use of a fern sprayed with paint to create a striking and bold negative print.
  2. Positive print. Simply paint your leaf with color and press them against your paper. If you’re using chalk or pastels, put them under your paper and rub off the pastels on top of the paper. It will create the design of your leaf.

Here’s a tip: you may also try to use flowers.  Enjoy painting!

Motherhood in art

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Our mothers are one of those significant persons in our lives whom we will always cherish. They have brought and raised us up with all of their unconditional love and care. They  were the ones who spent sleepless nights just to watch over us, their guiding arms and hands never failed to keep us stand up especially during those times when we were about to fall, they cry when we are down, and bleed when we cry. They are the ones that strongly held us when the problems start to plague our lives, and believed in us when the entire world only sees the lies in us.

With that, these women and their noble acts of raising us continue to gain recognition as evident in most of the works of art that celebrate motherhood. In fact, renowned sculptors and painters such as Raphael, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Giovanni Bellini, Caravaggio, Rubens, Salvador Dali and Henry Moore, have created classical artworks– with medium ranging from canvass to stones – that depicts a mother and a child, often called as “Madonna and child.”  In addition, abstract art and contemporary painting artists are not exempted from giving accolade to the continuous celebration of motherhood in the world of art as seen in their works that is filled with the prowess of the lines and forms that expresses the security, love, care, understanding, and the bond created between the mother and the child.

Mother’s Day may have already passed but it does not mean that the celebration ends there – it continues to go on for as long as there is mother who continues to look at her child with such loving eyes. So tell them how thankful you are. Give them the kisses you fail to share, the “I love you mom” that you are shy to say, the warmth of a hug that they have been waiting for, or the flowers that will simply make their day. Or, you may opt to give them something that will endure for a long time such as abstract art paintings that she may have liked in one of the abstract galleries you have visited together or with an original abstract art painting. Show them how you feel even if you might be far away with these paintings that are filled with colors, textures and form that will help brighten up her day when she sees it on her hallway.

People in Abstract art

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Every human being is unique in their own rights. In fact, a person’s personality is still considered as one of the world’s unresolved mysteries since a person’s being varies from an individual to another.  In an artist’s effort to put into visual form a human being’s persona, such as in an abstract art, it has created a distinct individuality and a lot of varieties in on artist’s canvass from another canvass. “What am I feeling?”, “Why am I feeling this way?”, “What do I want to express?”, “How will I express these feelings?’ – these are the questions that an artist is faced with when dealing with his or her own self, meanwhile, the questions such as “what are they conveying to me?”, “How does it feel to be in their shoes?” and “What can I see and feel?”, are the questions artists  face in their intention to draw other people’s feelings.

The fright and agony in “The Scream” by The Norwegian artist, Edvard Munch, and the ethereal beauty manifested in Leonardo da Vinci’s “Mona Lisa” are just some of the infamous abstract art paintings that have captured the million hearts of their viewers because of their superb manner of showcasing the intricacy and mystery of a human being’s individualism and qualities.  In Edvard Munch’s art, the screaming man against the blood red colored-sky backdrop has caused a lot of controversies among scholars, and has gained a good standing as one of the prospects of art thieves.  Meanwhile, Mona Lisa’s smile has caused a lot of people to wonder about the woman, and her entire persona. The woman’s mysterious expression that can “launch a thousand ships” if needed be, the composition and the infusion of other forms and illusions on its backdrop never fails to acquire an unwavering appreciation, study and scrutiny of its curious viewers. Indeed people are one of the very controversial subject matters in art.

Want to get a better grasp on people’s feelings on canvass? Consider visiting any abstract art gallery and allure yourself with the beauty and inspiration of the paintings. Better yet, why not try a hand on those colors and brushes and make your original abstract art painting that depicts a person’s feeling.

Abstract Oil Paintings – Easy to Start, Easy to Do!

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For an up-and-coming artist, Abstract art painting is an effortless entry to the world of oil paintings. The beginning artist need not immediately paint anything complicated in abstract art. Actually, what artists do is to make use of several geometric shapes and properly mix them together with few colors thrown into it. Just by doing this, they are already on the path of creating their great masterpiece. In abstract art, what is being used is a subjective type of art style which implies that by reason of the simple fact that even if an art viewer cannot determine what the artist’s exactly message really is or what he is trying to convey through his paintings, the said viewer is still able to formulate his/her own views or thoughts and feelings as regards a particular work of art. This shows the real beauty behind abstract oil paintings.

As repeatedly discussed in several articles, Abstract art painting had begun years ago and among the prominent painters are Vincent van Gogh, Paul Gauguin and some other master artists. Intricate geometrical shapes and affluent, vibrant colors are where abstract artists rely. They use them in order to convey their ideas on canvas. Modern Artists are now following a particular style where their paintings have no resemblance on any physical model or particular subject matter. Nonetheless, exceptions also exist just like the creations of Vincent Van Gogh. His abstract art paintings resembled certain base models to some extent although his feelings were expressed in different colors.

How to get started? What an artist really have to do at the time he choose to make an abstract painting by means of oil on canvas is to make his or her imagination run wild. The artist need not follow a pattern or something. He can play around with shapes and a color however he wants to and to his/her heart’s content. However, the paintings must be colored intensely so that the real meaning of the oil painting will be showcased to the viewer. In addition, oil painting’s outline is also vital. Once the art has been created, the artist must not alter the primary outline of the oil painting.

The next thing that might concern an artist if he was already able to successfully create few initial oil paintings and if he feels that he/she has already acquired sufficient skill and confidence is how to moving on to a more complicated artwork. Well, actually it is already easy to move on. The process is extremely and expressively gratifying to the artist since he/she is able finish a work of art where he was able to express his/her own feelings as shown by the complicated shapes and a kaleidoscope of colors.

Selling their own works to certain art enthusiasts or collectors or is already fulfilling for skilled abstract artists as they can already make a secure living with their artworks. A lot of certified artists are fairly thriving in their field of art as they are able to sell their oil paintings via online abstract art gallery or art shops.

You can indeed be emotionally and financially rewarded with your abstract artworks even if you consider the same as merely a hobby. Those artists who have slight experience or no experience at all in art creation can just engage in abstract art painting to be able to express their inner self. All that you need is a little imagination plus some patience, of course. I believe we all have a little imagination; hence, nothing should stop us from expressing ourselves.