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The Natural Beauty of Female Nude Paintings

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Since ancient age nude painting of female human body remained as the favorite subject for many artists. While selecting a model, artists in different fields do it for several reasons. Selecting human bodies as their model keeps certain theories in their minds. One example is the radiating paintings of Venus.

There’s the nude paintings of Venus, the Goddess of Love, personify love and harmony. In several different paintings, she is shown with Mars, the God of war. The reason behind it is to show effort of love and the sense of harmony to restraint the urge leading us to war. The artist wants to appease the warmonger living inside us.

Choosing a nude female as their model, artists want to link themselves with the viewers emotionally. The wanted to communicate the exact feeling they encounter while just looking at the nude object. During the prehistoric time, whether it may be the paintings of Venus or work done on the churches altars, artist’s main objectives remained the admiration of the beauty of human body, especially of the female body.

However, through selecting the women’s body, mostly as the base of their representation of their art, the artists always meet the difficulties included with the complexity and the stigma attached with the figurative painting in general and the nude paintings of female specifically.

Western artists, particularly European, looks like unusually preoccupied with the painting of nude persons, women and men. They have made the human body an important, a key building block of their art. On the other hand, in Eastern countries like India, nude paintings are still unacceptable.

In modern time, there are lots of contemporary painting that features both nude female and male. You can visit any abstract gallery and you can find among those gallery paintings lots nude painting by famous painters.

Nude Madonna painting in auction

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For those who love and idolize Madonna, this news might surely interest you. Guess what? There is an oil painting that is depicting Madonna in the nude together with her ex-husband Guy Ritchie which is under the hammer this week.

Several undressed portraits of this pop icon have been created by the acclaimed Scots artist Peter Howson.

We all know that the couple separated last year but the painting of Madonna and Guy was created in 2005.

This contemporary painting shows that the singer is reclining while the film director Guy has a hand on her thigh.

According to the McTear’s auction house in Glasgow, the work is expected to reach up to £22,000 once it becomes available for sale on Saturday.

Brian Clements, one of the auctioneers mentioned that there is no doubt that the recent split of Madonna and Guy has created increased interest in the painting.

Clements further stated: “The painting created a huge amount of controversy when it was unveiled a few years ago and I think it’s safe to say it is one of a kind.”

Among the past customers of this acclaimed painter include Mick Jagger and David Bowie.

If you remember, the marriage between Madonna and Guy’s began in 2000 and their wedding was like a fairytale as it took place at Skibo Castle in the Scottish Highlands. Unfortunately, it came to an end last November when the “quickie” divorce of the two was granted.

Custody of their two boys, Rocco and adopted son David Banda, is shared by the parents.

Other gallery paintings that might interest you can be seen in some abstract art gallery.

Kate Moss in the Nude for Boyfriend’s Painting, as the Face of Rimmel

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Here’s another celebrity who is into nude painting. What’s interesting about this celebrity is that she is posing nude in order to support his boyfriend.

Yes, we are talking about Kate Moss who is playing a supportive girlfriend for boyfriend her Jamie Hince. James was reported to have become a keen artist and he had planned an exhibition for his work. Guess who is posing nude for “The Kills” guitarist and who is willing to have her portrait exhibited. Well, as previously mentioned, she’s the supermodel Kate Moss who was recently been included in Forbes’ annual list of the World’s Top-Earning Models of 2008.

According to a source of the Sunday Mirror, Jamie has done a selection of paintings, and among his gallery paintings would include that one of Kate, and plans to exhibit in a gallery after The Kills have finished touring. The date and place of the art exhibition of Jamie has not yet been disclosed.

It can be remembered that Moss was reported to have been replaced by singer Sophie Ellis-Bextor as the high-profile face of make-up giant Rimmel as the latter was considered as the perfect choice for the brand since the company is looking for a younger model.

This is what a source of the Sunday Mirror has to say: “Kate Moss has been fantastic but Rimmel wanted a new, fresh face. Sophie was the obvious choice. She is sexy and savvy with flawless skin and bags of attitude. She’s admired by young girls, she’s also a yummy mummy and men think she’s gorgeous.” If she is that yummy and gorgeous, Jamie Hince did not make the wrong decision in painting his girlfriend nude. This is another contemporary painting that one should look forward to seeing.

Female Nudes with Unusual Shapes

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There’s one Italian painter that had two things in the fullest intensity and he is Amedeo Modigliani. The first thing refers to the art of painting while the other refers to his poverty. These two things played fundamental roles in his short and imaginative life.

The contemporary paintings of painters such as Georges Rouault, Toulouse-Laytrec, Pablo Picasso and Paul Cezanne were his favourite and they were among those that had influenced his art. What characterize the paintings of Modigliani are large spaces covered by the colours, distortion of the figure of the subjects in purpose, and the liberated use of flat areas of colour.

Even if had a lot of very beautiful portraits of unknown as well as famous people, his prominence was caused by his paintings of female nudes. What makes Modigliani’s paintings interesting is the fact that the female nudes had unusual faces.

What he preferred to use as a replacement of the natural looking faces are flat and mask like faces. His paintings show the eyes of his models that are the nude females’ eyes and most of them were shaped like almonds. As for the noses of the females, they were a bit twisted. Usually, when he creates his artistic nude paintings, most of them show the stretched out neck of the female nudes. It is notable that the paintings of Modigliani’s female nude models had fascinating arrangement of curvy lines and flat planes. What he had executed in his nudes is the remarkable idealization of feminine sexuality.

Another thing that helped him is his infrequent brushes with solid art of sculpture. Also, his friendship with Constantin Brancusi has helped him to instil in his paintings the features like simple stretched out forms, strong linear rhythms, and distinguished verticality. You might want to visit an abstract art gallery as it may exhibit these famous Italian paintings.


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Guess who this other celebrity who participated in a nude painting session is! It’s really amazing that nude paintings are now famous contemporary paintings. We always see her in the famous “Sex and the City” series as the man-eater Samantha and she is famous for getting her kit off.  But now it’s kind of different. Actress Kim Cattrall has taken a leaf out of her on-screen persona’s book. She has posed semi-naked in a recreation of a classic painting by Titian.

Sex and the City star Cattrell was persuaded to pose in the recreation of the masterpiece Diana and Act aeon. This happened after BBC2’s The Culture Show dared Tom Hunter, who is a photographer famous for his recreation of old masters, to create a 21st century edition of the painting. Hunter then supported a campaign intended to raise £50 million. In order to keep the piece of art on display at the National Gallery in London, the said amount was reared.

Actually, Cattrall is a big fan of Titian’s work. She is of British descent she frequently visits the National Gallery if she is within the capital just to see Titian’s gallery paintings.

Someone told the actress that there is a chance that the painting may come down. But she responded that her painting is like being in the existence of a genius. Hence, she further stated that it would be a tragedy if it were not on public view.

On the part of Hunter, he gave an explanation on why he got Cattrall on board for the project. He mentioned that Kim is the perfect Diana, that she is just like the Greek goddess where beauty and a sense of threat are combined, and that she was a great sport. Cattrall, even at 52, made an amazing Diana. She more than held her own among a room full of twenty-something, Hunter further stated.

Hunter also stated “The picture can’t of course hold a candle to the original which deserves to remain on public view. This painting is sublime and to lose it to a private collection would be a tragedy.”

The Sarah Palin Nude Painting a Big Hit

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Did you know that our famous candidate Sarah Palin has a Nude Painting and it became a big hit? In fact, the Chicago artist who drew the portrait of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin is now drawing crowds to his bar in the buff.

This artist is none other than Bruce Elliott. According to the Windy Citizen reports, Elliot revealed the 4-foot-tall portrait at the Old Town Ale House on Chicago’s North Side. At the portrait, the governor is in her trademark hairdo, plus she was holding an automatic rifle while standing naked on a polar-bear skin rug.

What grabbed one of the viewer’s attentions is the typical Palin’s inimitable hairdo plus her outsized glasses, not her nude painting. Can you imagine Peggy Hill from “King of the Hill” naked? If you can, then you have got to see this guy’s painting.

At first, one viewer said that his initial impression on the painting is that it is the sexist to trivialize and objectify an important female by painting her in the nude. Would you want a nude painting of John McCain or Joe Biden? Ask Bruce Elliott to do that!

It can be remembered that Palin became John McCain’s running mate.

If you want to view a lot more images and paintings of celebrities, the Ole Town Ale House is open for you. Palin’s nude painting can also be viewed in the said gallery. You might also find one in an abstract art gallery. Who would not think that her crazy do, unique glasses, and beauty queen looks would qualify her as a celebrity?

Nude painting is indeed a contemporary painting that is very interesting to view together with other gallery paintings. Would you not agree?

Nude Abstract

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This is the large abstract art painting “Nude Abstract” by Claude Christo. The abstract painting was created with oils and mixed media on stretched canvas and ships framed and ready to hang.

This painting is an ORIGINAL art painting by Claude Christo and not a print of any kind. The artwork comes with a NFAR certificate of authenticity upon request.


Dimensions: 24″ x 36″ x 1 3/8″
Support: Stretched on wood stretcher bars
Material: Oil on Canvas
Framing: Choice of black or blonde wood frame
Stock ID: 1007