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La Sagrada Familia

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Located in Barcelona, Spain, La Sagrada Familia is vast architectural endeavor that is a major tourist destination in Spain.  This privately-funded church has been under construction since 1882, and is not expected to be finished until 2026.  Most visitors await the public opening of a portion of its interior scheduled in September 2010.

La Sagrada Familia is considered the masterpiece of Antoni Gaudi (1852-1926), a famous Catalan architect.  The last 15 years of Gaudi’s life was centered in the construction of this massive infrastructure.  The architectural design is so amazing; it’s been one of Barcelona’s top tourist attractions for years.  This magnificent architecture has been subject of countless abstract paintings.

Originally, the project was under Francesc Del Villar.  When he resigned a year later, Antoni Gaudi was put in his place and the whole design was changed completely.  On Gaudi’s death, Domènech Sugranyes took over.  However the project was interrupted in 1936 because of the Spanish Civil War.  Catalan anarchists destroyed several unfinished areas along with Gaudi’s models and workshop.  Currently, the design is from the reconstructed lost plans of Gaudi and through computer generated modern adaptations.

No other church in Spain is as rich in Christian symbolism as La Sagrada Familia.  Gaudi has intended the church to be the “last great sanctuary of Christendom.”  The current construction of the church is bridled with controversy.  The application of Computer Aided design technology allows the needed stone blocks to be shaped by a CNC milling machine off-site.  People can view the complete description of the current construction and future plans in an exhibited catalogue at the Deutsches Architekturmuseum Frankfurt are Main.  Catalan architects are advocating the halt of the construction as a respect to the original architectural designs of Gaudi.  Those people who are in charge of the project are opposing the idea.  It is expected that by September 2010.  If you cannot visit La Sagrada Familia, you can view gallery paintings of this church in museums.  Abstract art paintings of La Sagrada Familia are also available online.

Wall make-over: things to consider

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Walls play an important role in every house. Aside from the fact that they serve as the main pillar or base of a house structure, walls help create the atmosphere a room wants to achieve. Basically, since rooms all have walls, walls are one of the important key players in any room.  If you have a bland or empty wall, then the need to decorate it is a great must for you to do – having empty walls create a message that the owner of the house seems not to care about the entire house. So, get up quickly and think of ideas to help enliven your walls. Here are a few things that you might want to consider when doing a wall make over:

The Interior style that you want to achieve, this is the very first thing that you must think of. What is the theme or atmosphere that you want to achieve? Is it traditional or Mediterranean? Zen or Contemporary? It is here that you can determine the range of colors and the texture you need to achieve” that look.” Also, knowing the style you want will help aide you in selecting the right furniture and other decorating ideas to best suite your rooms will come in next.

Curtains or other window and wall treatments? Just what kind of curtain and windows must you install to help strengthen the interior style that you want? If your room is small, curtains that has horizontal lines in it can make it look larger. If you have a low ceiling, vertical lines can help make it taller. Can’t paint your walls? Then add life to those empty space using curtains that has bold colors to divert the attention of your visitors from the blank wall.

Plants and other flora.  Plants help create a more relaxed and fresh room. Meanwhile, flowers gives your room some power-packed burst of colors without having to worry if whether or not they fit with the rest of the room – they fit with almost any kind!

Lighting. Lighting place another important role in fully achieving an atmosphere, so carefully select which types of light will help emphasize your theme.

Artwork. Give life to a wall using paintings and other wall accessories, like a collection of plates hung on a wall, to give more punch to a boring wall. If you are confused with regard to which painting to hang, it is better to buy abstract art or contemporary paintings since they have a broad selection of subjects that you can choose from. If you want, you may try to search on online gallery paintings which have original abstract art paintings up for sale.

Ideas for a wall art

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When visiting gallery paintings you may think that all of those artworks are meant only for those who are elite and can afford to buy those paintings. If you do not have the money to purchase them, then you can never have them even if you’re already excessively drooling over for that abstract painting that you may have seen in an abstract art gallery you have previously visited. But, guess what? You can always make one of your own! Here are a few design ideas to get your project started:

Go Natural. Our nature offers the best and most affordable resources that we can get. See that leaf hanging over your window? Why not get it and make your own stencil art? Arrange and place it on a canvass or thick board then spray over it. Remove the leaf to make a print.  Those fallen branches can also be used to create a frame for your board using strings to attach them together.

Go Asian. With a black paint and empty canvass, make your own calligraphy writing. You may search the internet for a word that you like, for example, the word love, and its characters. Practice first on a disposable paper until you are able to get the “feel” of it.

Tape them. Use tape to create stripes on your canvass. To do this, simply arrange and stick the tape strategically on the canvass. Paint over it using the colors you like. When the paint is dry, remove the tapes to reveal the stripes. You may also create a checker-styled art.

Mixed art. Use different materials like beads, magazines, stones and other embellishments to jazz up that blank canvass. Try making a collage or scrapbook-themed canvass. Also, you may try doing your own patch work on a canvass. Simply cut the squares and glue them on the canvass. Then you may add stitches on the sides to create a sewn effect.  Snip, stick and stitch away!

So what are you waiting for? Grab your canvass and other materials and start creating your original abstract art using these ideas!

TIE and DYE: Squirt Technique

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In abstract art painting, artists make use of colors to express what they are feeling. So, most often than not, you will see in some gallery paintings an abstract art that is just a plain mix of colors and circles or patterns but a very striking one at that!

To achieve this kind of art, you may opt for a Tie-Dye method. According to the Wikipedia, Tie-dye is defined as a process of resist dyeing textiles or clothing which is made from knit or woven fabric, usually cotton; Meanwhile, Resist dyeing textiles refers to “the methods of dyeing textiles with patterns.”  Tie and Dye requires some rigorous methods, but here is a simplified method just for you using a squirting technique:

You need:

  • Cloth/T shirt to put your patterns on
  • elastic bands
  • Dye of your desired colors, fiber reactive dyes are preferred
  • Squirting bottles
  • Gloves to prevent staining your hands
  • Large plastic or garbage bag to protect your work space (this can get messy!)

What you do:

The first thing that you need to do is to tie off your cloth or shirt using your rubber bands. Tying them up will create different design for each pattern. Remember that the part where the you first pick and tie the shirt is usually the center point of the pattern. If you desire it, you may first experiment with tying your rubber bands in different ways on several scrap pieces of cloth and the patterns that it creates.

Next, prepare your dye by following the manufacturer’s instructions. After which, place them in squirt bottles.  Once done, you’re ready to dye your cloth. Dying can get quite messy , so when dying, make sure to wear clothes that you don’t mind getting loaded with lots of other colors., use gloves to keep your hands clean, and cover your workspace with plastic.

Squirt the colors on the cloth, changing colors as you move from one band to another. The bands will refrain the colors to pass through the other parts of your cloth. After you have soaked your cloth with dye, we will now let the colors set – this may take hours (at least 8).

When set, rinse the excess dye and let it dry off. Voila! Your own abstract art design!

Distinguishing Abstract art from Representational

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If you have tried walking in an art gallery, most likely, you will see those gallery paintings that may only include colors, shapes, forms and textures to create an image or form – or in most cases, no specific image at all! These paintings are called abstract art. An abstract art painting uses only visual imagery, or are non-representational – meaning, all you see are those that we might find hard to comprehend by the first glance because they do not represent a subject per SE. They are not specific or defined by any instance.

To make things easier to understand, let’s do a simple activity:

  1. Try to enter an abstract art gallery in your local museums or stores that has art works up for display or sale. Or, if you want to just stay in the comforts of your home, try searching for online gallery paintings which allows you to view abstract art or contemporary art.
  1. Look at the paintings from afar. What do you see?

If you can see those paintings with stokes, lines and colors that are so well defined and are almost life-like or true to life, like the beautiful Mona Lisa, these are the Representational Art.

Do you only see the burst of the beautiful and exquisite colors, the varying shapes and strokes that create a form or does it give you the feeling that you can see or define something out of it, but can only comprehend the impression that they create? Ladies and gentlemen, you are now looking at a work of art done in abstraction. In short, these are abstract art.

  1. Come closer to the painting and look at the title. What does it says?

From afar, you might have seen, for example, two circles – one is bigger and is located on the upper part; the other smaller, just next to the bigger circle – and colors that seem to exude some warmth in it. But looking closer, you read the title that says “Mother and Child.” Now really, a mother and a child? Take another look at the painting and try to understand what those circles and colors meant. The bigger circle is the head of the mother, and the smaller one is the head of the child. Meanwhile, the warmth that the painting impresses upon its viewer is the love and care a mother gives to her child.

See the difference? In Representational Art, it lets you sees things as how they should be, meanwhile Abstract art lets you see things differently by allowing you to enter into a new level of creativity and imagination. So explore those senses and feelings, visit abstract art galleries or buy abstract art that will make your world more colorful!

Jazzing up a room with Abstract art

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For sure, every person has a favorite spot in their houses, pads, or flats– from parlors, reception area, kitchen, bathroom, private room, or porch. Bottom line is that favorite spot is your personal sanctuary that will most likely reflect your style, personality, and lifestyle that shields you away from all the hustle and bustle of your daily routine. Personalizing your comfort zone is not always easy. For one, the design is a crucial matter – what do I want to achieve? What style will work well with me and will best describe or reflect my personality? Speaking of personality, which personality will I want to express? Will the layout be functional? Two, there’s the furniture to think about – What furniture will I buy? Or if I have existing furniture, will they fit my needs? Will they work well with the other things inside my room? Will they help me achieve the design that I want to achieve? If not, what will I do? Will I throw them away, or recondition them? Will I let my existing furniture determine my design, or will I let my design determine what furniture to buy? Three, is the financial capacity – will I be able to afford all these? of course, the list does not end there – there are a lot things yet to consider.

Question now is, what will you do that will not only help spare you from those dilemma mentioned above and yet it will help you to really reflect your persona? The answer is easy: Jazz them up with art. If you are not sure which art to invest in, you might want to consider abstract art paintings or contemporary paintings which allow any person to explore all of his interests and level of persona since these works of art offers endless options and possibilities with regard to their subject matter and their impact on its viewers. In fact, their interpretations will largely depend on how you will interpret them! Indeed – endless! The burst of colors that these paintings offer will not only help brighten up your room, but it will also add some kick to the atmosphere while being functional and economical at the same time! You may view samples of these gallery paintings and buy them in an abstract art gallery.

What is trompe l’oeil?

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Trompe l’oeil mural is another famous idea for any room decoration. In fact you can enjoy doing this together with the entire family. A mural doesn’t have to be a complicated painting. A simple depiction of ivy winding its way up a door frame or trellis is a great addition to your plain wall. If you are not that good in painting, you can use an overhead projector or stencils to help you paint your mural. You will definitely be fascinated with the end result because it looks as real as the original.

The perfect places to paint your trompe l’oeil mural are on your child’s room, your bathroom, in the hallway, in the kitchen and in your family’s game room.

Try these following images:

ü  A landscape scene

ü  Medieval castles complete with night and horses

ü  Country farm

ü  Whimsical garden

ü  Ivy growing up in the wall of trellis

ü  And anything you can imagine

Then what’s next? Next thing you need to do is copy it onto a transparency paper then do the following:

  1. Place a drop cloth on the floor.
  2. Keep in mind that painting on a light-colored surface is easier than painting it on a dark surface. If your wall has a dark color such as navy or dark green, paint it white or anther light color before you begin
  3. Prim the area and let it dry first.
  4. If you will use an overhead projector, project the image on the wall or door and sketch it. I suggest you choose a less detailed image because they are easier to sketch and paint.
  5. Lightly draw the image on the wall before painting it. Occasionally step back several feet to make sure that the image is correct and proportional.
  6. Paint any door frame first to avoid stray drips on your finished mural.
  7. Paint the trompe l’oeil mural. Do the background first then layer the foreground images on top. Pay close attention to the shadowing of images to make you mural look more realistic.
  8. Be sure to outline the foreground images with a darker color to out the edges. Once in a while step back and check your progress as well as the errors.
  9. Let the image or mural dry completely.

If the painting is in a high traffic place, try sealing it with clear polyurethane.

Follow these simple steps and you will have your trompe l‘oeil in no time. But if you don’t have much time to make your own mural, you may want to consider abstract art paintings as your wall decoration. There are varieties of choices to choose from. Visit any abstract art gallery and choose among the gallery paintings that look best on your room.