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Face Painting: What and how to use face paints?

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face painting

Modern paintings like abstract paintings and body painting is becoming popular nowadays, one of these modern painting methods is face painting that is especially popular amongst children party. Many artists also use face painting as their source of income.

As an artists it is important to know what paint one should use, where to get it and how to use it.

  1. Choosing the right face paint to use.

The best brand would be the Wolfe Bros., a.k.a. Wolfe Face Art and FX. Snazaroo and Ben is also a good brand. These brands are all high quality, easy to use and they are FDA approved, meaning safe to use for your skin. They are also available water-based that is so easy to wash off.

2. Arrange all your materials such as face paints, cup of water, paper towels, brushes, and sponges on a table next to your hand. Fold up a paper towel and lay your brushes on top of it. Now set up 2 chairs facing each other. One chair is for you and the other one for the person you will do the face painting with.

3. Dip your brush in the water then bring your brush to the paint. Mix the water from your brush with the paint, working the paint into creamy consistency.

4. As for the sponge, you may either use it on its original form or cut it in half suing the scissor. Then dip one end of it in the water and pat it onto the paper towel to remove excess moisture. Rub the sponge with firm pressure in the paint, loading of paint on one end.

5. When applying the paint on the face on a full-face design, use the sponge to cover large areas of the face, the use the brush to add smaller details. Once you have applied the paint onto your sponge, use a dabbling movement to apply the paint. In case the paint comes out too streaky, go back over it with the use of the sponge with a light dabbing movement. Let the paint dry first before adding more details.

As an artist it is indeed a fulfillment at the end if you create good face paint. Same applies for other painting genre such as abstract art, plein air, contemporary paintings, landscapes, and others.

Face Painting

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During festivals and celebrations, you may notice that there are a lot of people who paint their faces. Most have colorful designs, making them look like something else, from animals to cartoon characters. There are also those who put little amount of paint in their faces, adding a little glow like make-up. Little flowers and stars are decorated mostly on the faces of kids during school festivals.

If you are interested in face painting, here are some safety tips:

· Use only face paints. There are a lot of different paints available in the market, and yet not all of them can be used for the skin. The face has an extremely sensitive skin that reacts to toxic material. Face paints are non-toxic and are washable.

· Adding glitters. Make sure that the glitters you use are made of polyester. Make sure you buy glitter that is classified as “cosmetic size”.

· Do not use alcohol for cleaning your materials such as brush and sponge. Trace amounts of alcohol left in these materials are actually venues for bacteria to grow.

· Do not paint over irritated or open skin, this includes acne. The face paint you use may have some ingredients that would worsen the skin problem.

· Wash your hands. This promotes both health and cleanliness.

· Painting someone’s face will not be over in a few minutes, so make sure you and the person whose face you are painting are seated comfortably.

· Make sure your materials are handy. It is better if your materials are placed in a table beside you to reduce the need to stand and get the paint or item that you need. Furthermore, placing them neatly in a table lessens accidents.

Before starting the process of art painting, be certain that all your materials and design or pattern are ready.

If you wish to learn new tips on painting, read more on painting for beginners.