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Abstract Canvas Painting Tips

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lights improvedlights improvedI know every artist wants to create the best and unique artwork. This goal is of course difficult to obtain if you are a beginner. Here are some tips to help you with:


Every artist has its preference towards a particular color. He/she will then try to include this color in each of his/her artwork. You may love to use this color the most or even might not mind using only this favorite color over a canvas. Either way, what most important thing you should always remember to mix proper and appropriate colors. If you want your painting to become loud and energetic, I then suggest that you use colors with bright colors and you like the opposite of it, try using subtle colors!



It doesn’t matter how many brushes you use to create your art piece. The truth is you can keep them aside and try using some other tools. Try painting knife or a pallet knife instead or if you also like, use your nails or needles.



You can use this to capture your favorite things. After capturing, you may want to transfer these photos into paintings.
Left over colors

Most of the time, a considerate amount of hues remain after the painting session. You can put them in small empty containers and seal them properly. Instead of sealing them with a lid, you can use some good cling wrap. You can also draw a small stroke from the same color over the container to serve as your mark of what color that container has.


Glass Palette

Place this over a clean white paper which acts like a neutral background, and use it as a palette. Make sure that the glass is as thick as your standard windowpane. By suing these you can clearly see colors as you go mixing them over the glass pane.


Using alternatives in your regular art is a great abstract painting ideas. With the tips above, you can produce a new and unique abstract art canvas. Wherever you go shopping, traveling, partying, or even during work, spend time to look around you and experiment things that you could easily transfer to your canvas. Try adding some fun to your abstract art painting by experimenting with the unusual things and you will have an amazing painting ready on your canvas!

Abstract Art Paintings

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Abstarct 1

Unlike other painting techniques, abstract art, I believe, has no right and wrong in terms of making a painting. The values of form, contrast, line, hues, position and tone are basics. Even so, it is crucial that the painter feels free to experiment and explore with paint. This article helps you in making your own way to produce an abstract painting which you will enjoy as much as you enjoy its value.


Feel Free and Concentrate!

Though I understand that most of us have our own daily task, making an abstract art painting will require your full concentration, so set aside your daily. As matter of fact the more you concentrate in expressing your self in the painting the faster you will achieve your goal.


Do not forget to put enough drop cloths on the floor for you to work as freely as you want. Remember that you want this job done as enjoyable as you can, so do not limit your imagination. You can also wear your old clothes and don’t feel shame if you think you’re like a kindergarten child who is having fun making abstract art paintings.


Put Yourself On it!

While doing your painting, it is important that you’re putting yourself on it. Identifying your feelings and transferring it in your canvas. To help you with, choose a music that lifts your spirit and supports your painting, an abstract painting with wild abandon!


Let go of all expectations!

In my opinion, this part is the hardest of all. Since grade school, we are aiming to paint a perfect apple or a good orange. Well, set aside of this thought! Forget those people who are telling you that you don’t have a talent in drawing. Just enjoy the moment and see what comes. Don’t feel worried by the pristine white canvas. If you want to cover that white as fast as possible just to get rid that feeling right away, you may do so! To start with you could also apply any single color to the canvas to cover it completely. Then choose any colors that you think are applicable for your present feeling.


Put more paint on your brush or use your hand!

Stop worrying about the mess you will make on your floor, or clothes, or even on your face. Don’t worry if you commit a mistake! I always believe that there are no errors in art just discoveries and challenges to solve. No need to let the first coat of paint dries before you apply the next one or more. Wet on wet is a great way to come up with a great work of art in abstract. What also great thing about abstract is that you can use whatever tools you can find in your home to make your marks like your old toothbrush! Try wiping it back into the freshly applied paint. Don’t be scared with the medium just let go and enjoy!


Stop and look at your work!

What can you see? Pay attention to those marks you are not happy with. If you are not satisfy with what you see, you can walk away first, perhaps have a cup of tea then go back later and look at it again. What can you see then?


Recognize and appreciate what you have painted!

Be sure to recognize what you have painted. Notice the shapes that cold have drawn out more or the colors or marks that work really well against each other. You can ask your immediate family on which part of your painting they like most.

There it goes! You have just started an abstract art painting. There are several issues make an abstract art really works such as balance in the artwork, or lack of thereof, the tone, the placement, composition, use of materials and use or combination of colors. The more you attach yourself to the process the more you will understand the secret of abstract art!

Reaching out in a true meaning of abstraction

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I found out that there many people who don’t have that ability to grasp the deeper meaning of abstract art. Commonly, those people are not great enthusiasts to begin with, although they may claim to be. Like for example someone I know. I did remember going to an abstract art gallery with her, where she spotted a painting across the room. She was so curious and called it beautiful, she come closer to it and examined it. And when she found out that it was just a simple technique (which she whisper it was just a bunch of lines) she sent away her initial interest.


The painting is a landscape and could best describe as an impressionistic style. Most people wouldn’t even consider it as an abstract art, and yet I am pretty sure that she thought it was abstract because of its painterly quality (the brush stroke was very visible).

I knew she was wrong (of course she is)! It is indeed not the artist’s style or method of painting that distinguishes a work as either abstract or figurative, rather, the content of any abstract art painting itself. That fact that she considered a work that was clearly figurative to be abstract (which made it, to her, a less work of art) simply because of the slight painterly quality of that abstract painting, made me realize how badly informed many people are to art and the understanding the whole thing. You can not figure it out by just standing inches away from it!

The worst part of it is that she demonstrated another common ignorance about abstract art (the idea that the farther a work strays from the figurative, the more abstract a work is, the less talented the artist, and the less substance there is to be found in the painting). Well, there are really many people like who do not realize that the human imagination, specifically an artist who reaches far beyond the things that can be seen in this world. And that is a fact that everyone should remember. Not only in matters of art, but in all aspects of life.

No buyers for nude Madonna painting

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Didn’t I just say that a nude Madonna painting has been made available for sale in an auction? Well, guess what, the oil painting that depicts Madonna in the nude with her ex-husband Guy Ritchie wasn’t able to meet the reserve price of £15,000 when it went under the hammer at the Glasgow auction.

Although there were some bids for the portrait, it was not good enough to satisfy the seller.

According to the Director at McTears Auctioneers, Brian Clements, it was surprising that the controversial Madonna and Guy piece of Peter Howson did not sell on the day.

Clements further stated: “The painting is still for sale and we would be delighted to hear from anyone who is interested in this much talked about piece of Scottish art history.”

A private collector was selling the portrait to up to £22,000.

As previously posted, this contemporary painting created in 2005. This Madonna & Guy is among the several Howson paintings of the pop icon while undressed.

Madonna and film director Guy Ritchie may have separated last year but at least they were able to contribute to the gallery paintings of Howson together.

Regarding the artist, Howson is renowned for his portrayals of Glasgow down-and-outs. He was even appointed as the official war artist for the Bosnia conflict in the early 1990s.

Among the past customers of this artist include Mick Jagger and David Bowie.

Although the painting drew a lot of interest after the couple separated last November, it just can’t be denied that it wasn’t able to drew more interest to be purchased.

His Most Famous Painting – Nude Descending a Staircase, Number 2 – Marcel Duchamp

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One of the most influential figure of the “Contemporary Art” is Marcel Duchamp (1887-1968). He became known for his sturdily expressed contempt for the area of conventional ‘Fine Arts.’ Also, he has, in a way, a relation to the ‘Surrealist Movement’ which is the descendant of ‘Cubism.’ What’s controversial in this artist is the fact that his methodology and themes were not well received by ‘Cubists.’ As a consequence, the ‘Dada Movement’ emerged. The most famous painting of Marcel as well as his most scandalous ‘Dadaist’ work is the “Nu descendant un escalier n° 2 (Nude Descending a Staircase, No.2)”. Such creation became a turning point of his life.

When Duchamp created the “Nude Descending a Staircase, No.2″ in 1912, he did it with great enthusiasm. This is indeed a path-breaking piece that has a measurement of 57.88″ X 35.12” oil work on canvas. If you want to see it, you will find this among the gallery paintings shown in the Philadelphia Museum of Art. This is one monochromic work that mainly contains yellow and its shades. It can be said that this is a quiet ‘Cubist’ painting as shown by its geometric representation rather than figurative. It is the spirit of ‘Futuristic Art’ infused in it that makes it unique. This is an original painting that hardly contains some background. Instead, the background shows the allusion to the dark ‘staircase.’ Marcel didn’t embody sensuality but embodied around twenty or so images of a mechanically structured figure. These images or figures were arranged in a sequence over the ‘staircase.’

As regards the ‘Cubist’ style, you can easily distinguish structurally the bright figure, silhouetted against a dark background if it is either a male or female. The sequence of images conveys the how the figure changes postures while it descends the staircase. This is a concept which is almost similar to the composition of a stroboscopic motion picture where there is a sequence of stills. The “Nude Descending a Staircase, No.2” is indeed the outcome of intense observation and diligence. An element of raw force of energy and futuristic vision are both carried.

In 1912, when it this revolutionary ‘Futurism’ and unorthodox methodology had its debut show at the Paris Salon des Indépendants, a lot of opposition and negative reviews came out. One more reason why this creation had a poor response and why it was eventually rejected was the backdrop of the covert, contemptuous emotions behind this work. Despite being annoyed, Duchamp chose to re-present the painting at the International Exhibition of Modern Art in 1913. Just like its debut show, it again received criticism due to the common belief that it was only a mere caricature of the much-revered subject of nudity that lacked artistic aesthetics.

Even if the painting was either loved or hated, the “Nude Descending a Staircase, No.2” never lost its public attention. In fact, it turned out to be a topic of lots of American parodies, including books, musicals, and paintings. “When a thing ceases to be a subject of controversy, it ceases to be a subject of interest.” Such statement of William Hazlitt is indeed remarkably justified by the history.

The Beauty of an Abstract Painting

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Have you tried visiting an art museum and gazed your eyes at an abstract art painting? If you did, were you able to discover what the artist was thinking at the time he created abstract painting? If you also did, what was it? Although you might only be curious on where the abstract art painting originated, still, if you ask these questions for yourself, probably the time has come for you to learn what beauty an abstract painting has.

It was very long time ago when abstract arts started to exist. Few hundred years ago, artists started to create abstract arts. There are a lot of famous abstract paintings which were created before. Like for instance, the famous abstract painting made by Van Gogh. Also, Picasso created his own abstract paintings. Another artist that is well known in this field of art is Modigliani. These artists, including the artists nowadays, are the main reasons why art of abstract painting became so popular even in this modern world.

You might have been asking, what exactly is an abstract painting? Well, they define the same as in various ways. First definition is that an abstract painting does not represent realism just like traditional paintings. At first, almost all arts portray a photographic or realistic expression over something or someone. However, abstract art is not done this way. An abstract painting is defined as an abstract painting that does not show objects naturally existing. Instead, what are being used are colors and shapes which is formed in a non-objective and non-representing manner. It does not show any particular person or object as it can be of anything, anyone, or simple nothing at all.

When you gaze your eyes at an abstract art painting shown in an abstract art gallery, you can simply see what I’m talking about. If you closely observe an abstract painting, you would see some bright, bold, and vibrant colors. An abstract painting comes in a lot of biometric shapes which is used together with bold colors so that an artwork would be noticeable. You might obviously regard an abstract art painting as both strange and beautiful.

During the 1940’s, the “Abstract Expressionism” movement began. They started this movement because they want to show the freedom of an artist’s expression plus they also wanted to promote abstract art painting. The said movement began in a school in New York where it was also known as “Action Painting.” This was among the first American schools where independence from the European artwork style was declared. What they want others to see is that they their art is a form of spiritual and intellectual art. Because of this, abstract art painting was further pushed.

Hence, after you became aware of the history behind the art of abstract painting, probably you have understood abstract arts a bit better. Appreciating all kinds of art just like the strange abstract art painting is important. In the end, if you are able to have better understanding of art, probably getting a piece of this artwork would be among your goals. Isn’t it very interesting thing to look at abstract arts? I bet it is!

Abstract Art Galleries

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One genre of art that originated in the 20th century is Abstract art. As the name itself implies, this is a form of art which is exceptionally odd and complicated to understand. It primarily shows the connection that forms and colors have between them. Although you might think that this art form is not very attractive and does not catch ones attention because the objects that you see in abstract paintings are unclear, it is good for you to know that each and every quantity of abstract art have in itself deeper meanings. As they say, these forms of art describe the private thoughts of artists just like the other forms of artworks. One which is considered as a form of abstract art is Calligraphy. If you look around, you can find abstract art gallery worldwide. In these art galleries, all forms of abstract artwork are displayed. The displays would include abstract art sculptures, abstract art paintings, abstract art photographs, etc. Also, you can also encounter some showcase mixed media paintings where you will some highlights of abstract art having a 3D effect.

Some also regard Abstract art as non-figurative painting where you can commonly see many lines, colors, forms, and textures. It also has several aspects including landscape, life, urban landscape, etc. These aspects can be seen very well when you visit exhibitions which are done at the abstract art galleries. Other facts about abstract art include the three primary styles of abstract art. They are cubism, abstract expressionism and neoplasticism. In New York, the style that deeply influenced their abstract art is abstract expressionism. You will find a lot of abstract art galleries that are showcasing this specific form of abstract art. A lot of New York artists practice abstract expressionism in their abstract artworks. However, they also use this form together with their own style to be able to create different interesting ways. Like for example, a certain artist foresee his abstract painting with a landscape sensibility. On the other hand, other artists utilize denser structures and bolder colors as they are able to create strange and multifaceted paintings. Also, some other artists utilize calligraphic gestures in their works of art while some make use of stencil and brushwork in order to place additional layers to their abstract artworks.

If you want to be amazed with the different abstract arts, you can try to visit Abstract art galleries as they display each and every abstract art piece such as water color paintings, mixed media paintings, oil paintings, etc. You would surely discover some highlights of both prehistoric and modern abstract art. Among the most famous abstract artists who have established their name with their different abstract artworks are Georges Braque, Pablo Picasso, Mark Rothko and Piet Mondrian.

Abstract Oil Paintings – Easy to Start, Easy to Do!

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For an up-and-coming artist, Abstract art painting is an effortless entry to the world of oil paintings. The beginning artist need not immediately paint anything complicated in abstract art. Actually, what artists do is to make use of several geometric shapes and properly mix them together with few colors thrown into it. Just by doing this, they are already on the path of creating their great masterpiece. In abstract art, what is being used is a subjective type of art style which implies that by reason of the simple fact that even if an art viewer cannot determine what the artist’s exactly message really is or what he is trying to convey through his paintings, the said viewer is still able to formulate his/her own views or thoughts and feelings as regards a particular work of art. This shows the real beauty behind abstract oil paintings.

As repeatedly discussed in several articles, Abstract art painting had begun years ago and among the prominent painters are Vincent van Gogh, Paul Gauguin and some other master artists. Intricate geometrical shapes and affluent, vibrant colors are where abstract artists rely. They use them in order to convey their ideas on canvas. Modern Artists are now following a particular style where their paintings have no resemblance on any physical model or particular subject matter. Nonetheless, exceptions also exist just like the creations of Vincent Van Gogh. His abstract art paintings resembled certain base models to some extent although his feelings were expressed in different colors.

How to get started? What an artist really have to do at the time he choose to make an abstract painting by means of oil on canvas is to make his or her imagination run wild. The artist need not follow a pattern or something. He can play around with shapes and a color however he wants to and to his/her heart’s content. However, the paintings must be colored intensely so that the real meaning of the oil painting will be showcased to the viewer. In addition, oil painting’s outline is also vital. Once the art has been created, the artist must not alter the primary outline of the oil painting.

The next thing that might concern an artist if he was already able to successfully create few initial oil paintings and if he feels that he/she has already acquired sufficient skill and confidence is how to moving on to a more complicated artwork. Well, actually it is already easy to move on. The process is extremely and expressively gratifying to the artist since he/she is able finish a work of art where he was able to express his/her own feelings as shown by the complicated shapes and a kaleidoscope of colors.

Selling their own works to certain art enthusiasts or collectors or is already fulfilling for skilled abstract artists as they can already make a secure living with their artworks. A lot of certified artists are fairly thriving in their field of art as they are able to sell their oil paintings via online abstract art gallery or art shops.

You can indeed be emotionally and financially rewarded with your abstract artworks even if you consider the same as merely a hobby. Those artists who have slight experience or no experience at all in art creation can just engage in abstract art painting to be able to express their inner self. All that you need is a little imagination plus some patience, of course. I believe we all have a little imagination; hence, nothing should stop us from expressing ourselves.