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Bubble painting

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Have you always wondered how abstract art painters are able to create a life-like blow, splash or burst effect on their abstract paintings? Then wonder no more! Here is a simple Bubble painting technique that you can do to mimic the burst effect that you have always been curious about! The materials that you will need are:

  • plastic cups that has a large mouth opening
  • plastic drinking straws
  • watercolors diluted in water, or other liquid color medium
  • dish washing liquid
  • Paper, canvass, or cloth or other surface where you want to make your  art
  • Newspaper to protect your surface

If your materials are all set, then it’s time to let the fun begin! Just follow these simple instructions:

First, make sure that you cover your working surface with newspaper or plastic to protect it from stray colors. After laying your paper or canvass on it, move in to your plastic cups. Fill the color with your diluted water color to about halfway of the cup. Make sure that you use different cups for different colors. Next, add your dish washing liquid, and using your straw, blow through the mixture to create bubbles. Then, quickly transfer the bubbles on your straw to your paper or canvass. When the bubble bursts, it will make a print that will capture the bursting or splashing effect that you have always liked and wondered of. Experiment with different colors, with different color intensity, color medium and size.

For a variety, try making use of melted crayons. Just put a chunk of color or colors on a spoon and melt them under a candle. When melted, pour them on your paper, and blow them! Create flowers, scenarios or just pure abstract art with these simple techniques.

Hang your work on a wall, give them to your friends as a gift, or place them on your own abstract gallery. Whichever works, enjoy making them! Also, this activity is so fun and safe that you may let children do it with you! Have fun with the children and the bubbles, and supervise them when melting the crayons since it will be needing heat. Enjoy!

Colors and its meanings…

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Most artists find painting as a therapeutic activity that allows them to express their suppressed feelings like anger, happiness and the likes. In fact, aside from being a recreation activity or as a means of livelihood for some, it has contributed a lot to the self-fulfillment and improvement of a person. In abstract art paintings or contemporary paintings for example, the way the colors, forms, shapes and texture were conducted and used by the artist reflects their inner emotions, personality or the entire totality of its maker.

Colors for one create a very big impact on the attitude and meaning of these artworks. So what do they represent and how do they affect the brain? Here are a few of their meanings:

  • White signifies guidance, purity, cleanliness and peace.
  • Black has a lot of meanings associated with it. But basically, they could mean elegance, intelligence, power, mystery, sorrow, seriousness or death
  • Red, just like black, also has a lot of meanings that may depend on a person’s culture. Red for Chinese means celebration but means mourning in South Africa. Generally, it has meanings that tend to pick up both sides of the stick since they are the opposites of each other such as passion, love, war and anger. In addition, the red color helps increase activity in the brain, heart rate.
  • Blue symbolizes peace, calmness, confidence, harmony, trust and coldness. Sometimes, it may also means sadness as usually heard in the expression “I’m feeling blue”, meaning that the person is feeling down.
  • Yellow symbolizes energy, enthusiasm or joy. But it may also refer to cowardice, dishonesty and illness.
  • Green never fails to help relax the mind because it is a color that helps an anxious or depressed person soothe. Basically, it is usually related to ‘freshness’ (because it is the common color of nature), wealth, renewal and youth. For its downside, it may also mean envy (as in green with envy) and greed.

Want to see the burst of colors come alive in your own room? Try to walk in an abstract gallery where you will see abstract art paintings make use of colors as their focal subject.