Abstract Canvas Painting Tips

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lights improvedlights improvedI know every artist wants to create the best and unique artwork. This goal is of course difficult to obtain if you are a beginner. Here are some tips to help you with:


Every artist has its preference towards a particular color. He/she will then try to include this color in each of his/her artwork. You may love to use this color the most or even might not mind using only this favorite color over a canvas. Either way, what most important thing you should always remember to mix proper and appropriate colors. If you want your painting to become loud and energetic, I then suggest that you use colors with bright colors and you like the opposite of it, try using subtle colors!



It doesn’t matter how many brushes you use to create your art piece. The truth is you can keep them aside and try using some other tools. Try painting knife or a pallet knife instead or if you also like, use your nails or needles.



You can use this to capture your favorite things. After capturing, you may want to transfer these photos into paintings.
Left over colors

Most of the time, a considerate amount of hues remain after the painting session. You can put them in small empty containers and seal them properly. Instead of sealing them with a lid, you can use some good cling wrap. You can also draw a small stroke from the same color over the container to serve as your mark of what color that container has.


Glass Palette

Place this over a clean white paper which acts like a neutral background, and use it as a palette. Make sure that the glass is as thick as your standard windowpane. By suing these you can clearly see colors as you go mixing them over the glass pane.


Using alternatives in your regular art is a great abstract painting ideas. With the tips above, you can produce a new and unique abstract art canvas. Wherever you go shopping, traveling, partying, or even during work, spend time to look around you and experiment things that you could easily transfer to your canvas. Try adding some fun to your abstract art painting by experimenting with the unusual things and you will have an amazing painting ready on your canvas!

Painting Ideas

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painting ideas

Most artists expressed their feeling though a painting. Painting has been used fro thousands of years now to express human emotions. It is rightfully said that “a picture is worth a thousand words”. Painting a tiny flower, a huge gathering, an old fort or latest model can be accomplished using a canvas, colors and painting tools. Aside from those physical materials, you also need to have a wild imagination that is your key to a successful masterpiece.


Canvas Art Ideas


  1. You should know your interest area. If you like things such as gadgets or vehicles, you can try them on a canvas! It doesn’t matter if you’re a first timer or not, I believe you will enjoy doing this. Same thing goes if you love nature, why not spend time to go to the nearest favorite spot and start your masterpiece?


  1. Floral Art is probably one of the best painting ideas for the novices. All by yourself, you can arrange your favorite flowers in a vase or buy a simple affordable bouquet and start your work with keen observation. A single flower is also enough to make your canvas artwork.


  1. Try new things! If you enjoy painting a particular genre and is good at it, you may also try to do something that is completely different. Try landscape, abstract art, contemporary paintings as well and others.


  1. If you are tired of looking for a subject to paint with, look at yourself in a mirror. Why not paint your hands, or your legs with your favorite footwear on. Remember, do not limit yourself on one thing, explore, enjoy and experiment!


  1. Thinking weird might also help you. Let say an ants queue over your books stack, or a mobile phone placed inside your formal shoes, as if on a phone stand. It’s a matter of thinking something unusual. The more you think weird the more it will become unique!


  1. Try abstract paintings! If you think landscape or still life paintings are too hard for you since you are a novice, why not try abstract art paintings instead? It will be easier for you to create this and express your feelings!

Light Matters!

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Whether you want to create your abstract painting in-doors or out-doors, having the right light on your canvas is important, yet I frequently observe some artists doing wrong.


If you prefer to paint your abstract art out-doors, you must remember that when you’re done, your paintings are going to hang on a wall under indoor light. So, for you to paint in light that is similar to this you must always turn the easel so the canvas is full shade. Or let say, you must turn the canvas “against the light”. Meaning to say, no sunlight must fall on the canvas during the whole painting process.


Watch-out for direct sunlight!

Always keep in mind that your paintings will be hang on a wall with indoor light, so, if you will paint it in direct sunlight, you would not be able to judge hue values well and the paintings when brought indoors would be too dark.


When you prefer to paint in-doors, you don’t want direct sunlight fall under your canvas, however you need indirect lighting to illuminate the canvas nicely. Therefore, when you create a masterpiece indoors you want as much indirect light on your canvas as possible, which, when you think about it, is very similar to being in the shade out-doors.


Of course you want to see what you are doing when you’re indoors but don’t switch on the overhead light as they can ruin any sense of form that a single source of light creates on your subject. If you want, you could set up a lamp that could be the source of your light but doesn’t shine directly on your canvas. In short, indirect sunlight is the key!


Perhaps you would ask, how about normal light? The term normal is actually weakened out capability to taste the light with our eyes. It cuts our sensation with an idea. To be able to say that a specific light bulb has a normal color to it is like saying the green light bulb is the normal color but the truth is there is no such thing as “normal” color or light!


The type of light that an artificial light emits (its color and temperature) would be the same color or temperature it draws out in a painting. Like for example an ordinary household bulb that is tend to be yellowish will make the warm of a painting glow, on the other hand, fluorescent tubes draws out the cools in a painting.


Don’t be concern about the fancy names given to different types of bulbs what you need to so is to see the light in order to judge it. Try out range of artificial lights until you get to a mix that looks good to you. Finally, do as Cezanne said, “Trust your little sensations.” Only you can tell what you want and what you like to create your abstract art paintings a masterpiece.

Tuscan Inspired Painting Ideas

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With the use of simple wash of colors you can create a Tuscan painting. You can either create a vertical or horizontal composition but it is not advisable to mix the two since Tuscan painting should have a peaceful feeling and mixing the direction would make the painting look more energetic.


You can choose from yellow, peach, white, honey brown, dark brown, red, blue and green, which are the typical Tuscan color.


Use either thick or thin paint. If you are thinning the paint, combine the acrylic paint and water in a bowl. The purpose of this is to create a wash that is similar to a watercolor. Then use a brush to paint broad lengths of colors across the canvass (either vertically or horizontally). Overlap the colors carefully allowing them to bleed into each other.



Tuscan Inspired Still-life Painting


Tuscany is a land that is rich in color and texture. Their love for nature can obviously see in everything around their scenic villas, from the wooden unpainted furniture to the woven fabrics used for curtains. With those things you can easily create a Tuscan still life painting.


Typically, still-life paintings include flowers, fruit and bowl but to give it a Tuscan look and feeling, the bowl will be replaced with a lidless biscotti jar composed of warm shades of yellow. You can use bright colors like turquoise, orange and red to paint flowers on the jar. This will create the look of a hand-panted biscotti jar.


Tuscan Inspired Trompe l’oeil

If you think you are ready for a more advance subject, Tuscany homes are famous for their Trompe l’oeil murals. These murals appear to be windows to the world outside and represent rolling hills, mountains, evergreen trees, fountains, grape vineyards and basilica-style architecture. Tuscan use of colors is generally very light almost pastel.


To paint the mural, start with its background. Paint the mountains in the distance at varying levels of elevation. Paint the farthest mountains in alight blue color, a bit darker than the sky. The blueness of mountain color should increase as they are painted closer into the foreground.


Paint rolling hills a bit closer into the foreground also with varying levels of elevation and in different shades of yellow ochre. Paint green rows of vineyards at alternating angles on the hills but be sure to keep the vineyard on a singular hill going onto same direction.


You also want to add evergreen tress, rock patios and other nature element like a fountain even deeper into the foreground. This will not be the closest element in the picture, so leave room for barrel-vaulted archways and Corinthian style columns at the closest level of the foreground in the painting.


Finally, paint the barrel-vaulted archways into the foreground. Your audience should feel like they are looking out a window and observing the archways. Add greenery like ivy vines attached to the walls.


If you are a collector of art you may also consider contemporary paintings as one of your collectibles. Abstract paintings are perfect for wall decoration. Visit abstract art gallery now and choose among the gallery’s paintings that will fit your personality!

Abstract Art Paintings

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Abstarct 1

Unlike other painting techniques, abstract art, I believe, has no right and wrong in terms of making a painting. The values of form, contrast, line, hues, position and tone are basics. Even so, it is crucial that the painter feels free to experiment and explore with paint. This article helps you in making your own way to produce an abstract painting which you will enjoy as much as you enjoy its value.


Feel Free and Concentrate!

Though I understand that most of us have our own daily task, making an abstract art painting will require your full concentration, so set aside your daily. As matter of fact the more you concentrate in expressing your self in the painting the faster you will achieve your goal.


Do not forget to put enough drop cloths on the floor for you to work as freely as you want. Remember that you want this job done as enjoyable as you can, so do not limit your imagination. You can also wear your old clothes and don’t feel shame if you think you’re like a kindergarten child who is having fun making abstract art paintings.


Put Yourself On it!

While doing your painting, it is important that you’re putting yourself on it. Identifying your feelings and transferring it in your canvas. To help you with, choose a music that lifts your spirit and supports your painting, an abstract painting with wild abandon!


Let go of all expectations!

In my opinion, this part is the hardest of all. Since grade school, we are aiming to paint a perfect apple or a good orange. Well, set aside of this thought! Forget those people who are telling you that you don’t have a talent in drawing. Just enjoy the moment and see what comes. Don’t feel worried by the pristine white canvas. If you want to cover that white as fast as possible just to get rid that feeling right away, you may do so! To start with you could also apply any single color to the canvas to cover it completely. Then choose any colors that you think are applicable for your present feeling.


Put more paint on your brush or use your hand!

Stop worrying about the mess you will make on your floor, or clothes, or even on your face. Don’t worry if you commit a mistake! I always believe that there are no errors in art just discoveries and challenges to solve. No need to let the first coat of paint dries before you apply the next one or more. Wet on wet is a great way to come up with a great work of art in abstract. What also great thing about abstract is that you can use whatever tools you can find in your home to make your marks like your old toothbrush! Try wiping it back into the freshly applied paint. Don’t be scared with the medium just let go and enjoy!


Stop and look at your work!

What can you see? Pay attention to those marks you are not happy with. If you are not satisfy with what you see, you can walk away first, perhaps have a cup of tea then go back later and look at it again. What can you see then?


Recognize and appreciate what you have painted!

Be sure to recognize what you have painted. Notice the shapes that cold have drawn out more or the colors or marks that work really well against each other. You can ask your immediate family on which part of your painting they like most.

There it goes! You have just started an abstract art painting. There are several issues make an abstract art really works such as balance in the artwork, or lack of thereof, the tone, the placement, composition, use of materials and use or combination of colors. The more you attach yourself to the process the more you will understand the secret of abstract art!

Other factors in creating modern art canvas

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Knowing what appropriate medium you will use to create a contemporary painting as well as knowing about the modifications included in the artwork is just a mere introduction of the subject matter.  Aside form these, other factors to allow you to totally understand the difference it may bring to your life and home.  For a true lover of art, you know that there are things to talk about in this meticulous artistic concept. Want to learn more about the other factors to produce a masterpiece in modern canvas art?

There are three factors leading to the formation of beautiful abstract art piece in this particular terminology.  These factors form variations as to the colors, styles and applications of the finished product.  Each of them has different distinctiveness and descriptions you should know more about.

What are these three factors?

  1. Ideas or theme: This represents your specifications as a client that what the artists have in mind. Though you can work with your chosen artist before the work will start, more of the ideas come from what you have in your mind. Of course, for you to be bale to make it a real contemporary artwork, ideas are more of modern ones.  This is the real spirit to its cognizance as a good masterpiece categorized in this subject.  To be able to have a thoroughly understanding of modern canvas art, it is also best to look into how it evolved and know something about its history.
  1. Techniques or Method Used: Modern artists usually used different techniques in creating their art piece. The word technique refers to the number of brushstrokes used in the masterpiece in order to come out with the clients specifications. More artists prefer to use single stroke since it produces the art piece in lesser time than the usual. If you observe traditional artists like Van Gough or Da Vinci own collections, you will notice that they have allocated much of their time (possibly a week or a month) to produce a single masterpiece.  In modern art, it is more of producing more artworks in a day.

Technology: Since it a modern art piece expects that the abstract art painting is injected with different technologies to make the workload easier. Two and three-dimensional models are captured with the use of other equipment to bring color and life to the collection.  Often, computers and printers are of great help to artists in production.

Modern paintings: A family treasure!

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Purchasing abstract paintings nowadays is seen as a rarity since more and more people are deciding for the cheaper imitation of original paintings that are printed out on tarpaulin sheets and framed. These inexpensive knockoffs of original artwork do not last a lifetime and will eventually fade when continuously exposed to the elements like dust, sunlight, and air. Your modern art on canvas should be considered as something of an investment and a souvenir that you can pass on to your kin as something from this era. Like those paintings of the masters were passed down to this generation, so these modern art pieces should also be passed on to the next generations to come.

Having these cheap knock-offs of certain paintings that you like or posters of paintings that you feel will make your home look good is fine for a short period of time. These things will soon fade and you will find yourself buying another poster or printout of another copy of real canvas paintings to replace the faded ones that means spending your money again.

Instead of buying those things why not consider buying the real thing instead and have something you can give to your children when they move to their own homes or when they grow up? A lot of modern art on canvas are well painted and will be welcome additions to any home.

Purchasing paintings for your home is a sound investment since oil paintings seldom fade when exposed. If in case they fade, experts can easily restore the damage. Contemporary paintings on canvas can be your choice for canvas paintings that you have pass on to your next generation of course there are other style you could choose from.

Contemporary art is a good representation of our time and the common artistic style that artists of our generation use. The different kinds of modern art you can choose from include pop art, modern abstract art pieces, unique silhouette and figure paintings, realistic-looking still life, and modern landscapes and seascapes. There are several types of modern art on canvas you can choose for your home.

Canvas paintings will look good in any form of your home or even in your office; you can choose for any of the above mentioned art paintings. Consider also purchasing one of those multi canvas paintings that look perfect on your wall either on your home or office. You may also choose to buy more than one art piece if you are a true art lover and if you are looking to create a collection that you can keep until the time when you will be passing it on to your children and your children’s children.

Want to have a modern pool party for your teen? Try this Modern Idea!

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There are many summer pool party ideas available for everyone, but this Pollock painting is definitely a party rocking, shocking dab of genius! With teens who love art, music or food this party idea will be an over-the-top celebration to remember.

For you to plan a party like this, take practical steps to pump up the party atmosphere. Be sure your teen takes ownership in the planning stages by being in charge of the music. It’s simple enough. Simply post daily reminders on the fridge a few weeks in advance and most likely your teen will be planning the music like a professional DJ.

Remember to assign one teen to take pictures of the event along with one who’ll capture the action on video, if possible. Have them post their film clips and pictures online for all to enjoy the day after.

But before anything else, let’s take a short look at the artist “in charge” of the painting. On the day of the party, this information can be used to inspire the party goers’ artwork.

Jackson Pollock (1912-1956)

He was considered the most original American painter. The reason for this is his extraordinary physical involvement with the act of his actual painting was unique. His friend and patron, the artist, Alfonso Ossorio, described Pollock’s artistic journey this way: “Here I saw a man who had both broken all the traditions of the past and unified them, who had gone beyond cubism, beyond Picasso and surrealism, beyond everything that had happened in art…”

His Artwork

Influenced by the different artist including their styles, he painted in a completely abstract art manner; it was called the “drip and splash style” for which he is popularly known.

Attaching his canvas to the floor or a wall, he poured and dripped his paint out of a can. As an alternative of brushes, he used sticks or knives to work the paint on the canvas. Sometimes he added a mixture of sand or broken glass to “express the unconscious moods of the artist.”

“On the floor I am more at ease, I feel nearer, more a part of the painting, since this way I can walk around in it, work from the four sides and be literally ‘in’ the painting.” ~Jackson Pollock, 1947

Planning for the Party

Tools include:

  • 1 framed canvas for each artist. The larger the better
  • 1 brush, 1 stick, 1 knife each person
  • A variety of small cans of paints for each artists
  • Paper towels
  • Small cups of sand
  • Daylight

Make it sure that when the painting begins, the music is playing and everyone has their workspace set up comfortably on the grass. Before too long, the painting will take on a serious note. Even non-artists can find a way to be excited about their work. Let the art dry outdoors while food is served.

If you liked this modern art party idea, you may also like reading about another outdoor teen party. You can also use abstract art paintings to add spices in your party ambiance. Contemporary painting like abstract is perfect for your modern teen party!

Make you room looks more lively with abstract art paintings!

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For the past years people always find canvas painting interested for their living space or wall space at work. A piece of an abstract art painting on a wall either in a restaurant or a friend’s house adds a modern contemporary feeling. Abstract art canvas can either be seen as a piece of wall candy or an important piece of your modern interior designs.

Lots of buyers look after to purchase any style of canvas paintings will find either something to match the existing surroundings such as soft furnishing or something that they simply like the look of in spite of the art piece’s shade or size.

An abstract painting can bring new life into a newly festooned room, or even an existing room that is lacking in any real feature and looks boring. If it’s a working space, a piece of it can really do justice on an office wall space. It can help create a calm working environment or a focal point in which to get yourself lost in during your lunch breaks.

Paintings make such an ambience in itself that even in the corner of your eye, you know that in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, you can take five minutes to gaze out and escape into a make-believe porthole of vivid colors, contours and brush strokes.

There are huge selections of contemporary paintings, canvas art, original canvas paintings and canvas prints available to everyone, so your choice in investing in a piece of canvas art is limitless. Who says you should only have one? Why not create a large quantity of colors in your living space and place a canvas painting in each room to either match your surroundings or your mood. Create a central point for you and your guests to admire and tell the world that canvas paintings are an essential piece of interior wall candy.

Go ahead and visit a gallery, you will be inspired with the huge variety of paintings you will see in it. Choose which of those paintings suit your personality and display it in you room whether at home or at work.

The Story behind Madame X

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The woman in the portrait Madame X was Virginie Amélie Avegno. She was born in New Orleans in January 1859. Her parents were well-to-do plantation owners; however after a series of tragedies her father falls in the Battle of Shiloh, her sister Valentine died because of fever that’s why the eight-year-old Amélie moved to Paris together with her mother.

The Avegno matriarch instantly began grooming her daughter for a good marriage. The goal was realized when Amélie was nineteen; the suitor was forty-year-old Pierre-Louis Gautreau, who is a banker and shipping tycoon. As low-key as the match appeared, Amélie understood that once she became a married woman, there would no longer need to play the virginal maiden. Right after the ink dried on the marriage certificate, Amélie set about plotting to conquer Paris.

An Image of a Free Woman

With her money, Amélie was able to purchased dresses from top designers; to attract utmost attention, she preferred chic, simple gowns that accentuated her figure, rather than the fussy frocks popular at the time. She likes to color her lips scarlet, drew in her eyebrows in mahogany, and reddened the tips of her ears. There were speculations that she ate small amounts of arsenic to maintain her ethereal pallor.

The Artists and the Painting

The artist, Sargent had already won several prizes at the Paris Salons before he met his most famous subject in 1881. Two years later, after much pleading, Amélie agreed to pose for him, and Sargent rented a studio near the Gautreau home. A black dress was decided upon almost immediately, but Sargent went through many pencil and watercolor sketches trying to settle on the best pose. Because Amélie was flighty and hated to sit still, Sargent eventually ended up staying with the Gautreaus at their summer home in Brittany, so his subject would always be close at hand. Finally, after a long period of artist’s block, Sargent set to work.

While the method of painting that would finally become Madame X was trying for both artist and sitter. The pose Amélie had to hold was uncomfortable and Sargent had a difficult time paitning her lavender skin tone, among many other problems, by March of 1884 it was ready to be sent to the annual Salon. Though she had not yet seen the finished product thought the work to be a masterpiece, and obviously it became a major talk in Paris with news of the portrait before the public had actually seen it.

The People Reaction and the Paintings Downfall

As soon as moment of truth came, both Amélie and Sargent were not ready for any negative reactions of the viewer. The portrait, critics cried, was ugly, obscene, and scandalous; the fallen strap of the dress and its body-hugging quality screamed vulgarity, while Amélie’s famously pale flesh looked corpse-like. Because of that portrait Amélie went from the darling of Paris society to a laughingstock, and cruel cartoons of her appeared in newspapers and magazines. Sargent, for his part, received a severe blow to his reputation as well; besides that, after the fiasco surrounding the painting, the Gautreaus refused to purchase it.

Later on, Sargent painted again the offending shoulder strap putting it in proper position. Eventually, despite of all the setbacks, his career then recovered and flourished and for the rest of his entire career he claimed that Madame X was the best art work he had ever did. In 1916 he then sold it to the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Like this article? You may also want to read the articles about abstract paintings as well as contemporary paintings. Or take a look on paintings we have in our site and see if you could find one that fits your personality, and buy abstract art that you like.