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Abstract Art Paintings

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Abstarct 1

Unlike other painting techniques, abstract art, I believe, has no right and wrong in terms of making a painting. The values of form, contrast, line, hues, position and tone are basics. Even so, it is crucial that the painter feels free to experiment and explore with paint. This article helps you in making your own way to produce an abstract painting which you will enjoy as much as you enjoy its value.


Feel Free and Concentrate!

Though I understand that most of us have our own daily task, making an abstract art painting will require your full concentration, so set aside your daily. As matter of fact the more you concentrate in expressing your self in the painting the faster you will achieve your goal.


Do not forget to put enough drop cloths on the floor for you to work as freely as you want. Remember that you want this job done as enjoyable as you can, so do not limit your imagination. You can also wear your old clothes and don’t feel shame if you think you’re like a kindergarten child who is having fun making abstract art paintings.


Put Yourself On it!

While doing your painting, it is important that you’re putting yourself on it. Identifying your feelings and transferring it in your canvas. To help you with, choose a music that lifts your spirit and supports your painting, an abstract painting with wild abandon!


Let go of all expectations!

In my opinion, this part is the hardest of all. Since grade school, we are aiming to paint a perfect apple or a good orange. Well, set aside of this thought! Forget those people who are telling you that you don’t have a talent in drawing. Just enjoy the moment and see what comes. Don’t feel worried by the pristine white canvas. If you want to cover that white as fast as possible just to get rid that feeling right away, you may do so! To start with you could also apply any single color to the canvas to cover it completely. Then choose any colors that you think are applicable for your present feeling.


Put more paint on your brush or use your hand!

Stop worrying about the mess you will make on your floor, or clothes, or even on your face. Don’t worry if you commit a mistake! I always believe that there are no errors in art just discoveries and challenges to solve. No need to let the first coat of paint dries before you apply the next one or more. Wet on wet is a great way to come up with a great work of art in abstract. What also great thing about abstract is that you can use whatever tools you can find in your home to make your marks like your old toothbrush! Try wiping it back into the freshly applied paint. Don’t be scared with the medium just let go and enjoy!


Stop and look at your work!

What can you see? Pay attention to those marks you are not happy with. If you are not satisfy with what you see, you can walk away first, perhaps have a cup of tea then go back later and look at it again. What can you see then?


Recognize and appreciate what you have painted!

Be sure to recognize what you have painted. Notice the shapes that cold have drawn out more or the colors or marks that work really well against each other. You can ask your immediate family on which part of your painting they like most.

There it goes! You have just started an abstract art painting. There are several issues make an abstract art really works such as balance in the artwork, or lack of thereof, the tone, the placement, composition, use of materials and use or combination of colors. The more you attach yourself to the process the more you will understand the secret of abstract art!

Adding Some Twist to Your Room with Space Night Sky Ceiling Illusion

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Space Night Sky Ceiling Illusion

Bored with the old white fashion look of your ceiling? Why not try Space Night Sky Ceiling Illusion? I bet you will love this as much as I do!

Here how you will do it:

First gather all the materials needed. It includes the following:

  • Good quality art brush (this is very available in most craft stores)
  • Invisible-by-day glow paint (I suggest you buy water based paint for it is the best and much safer for the environment and easier to clean up after as well)
  • Old toothbrush
  • Rags (for cleaning)
  • Drop cloth or old sheets
  • Painters tape or old ribbons and thumbtacks
  • Torchlight
  • Step ladder

Next step is preparing your room

    1. Clear your room by taking out the furniture inside.
    2. Put a cover using drop-clothes or any old sheets to the floor and any immovable objects or furniture.

And now, you are ready to paint…

  1. Use painter’s tape or colored ribbon and thumbtacks to tape off the ceiling into smaller areas.  It’s like painting using a grid system.
  2. As mush as possible darken the room. That’s why you have to use the torchlight to help you move around.
  3. Let the glow paint be exposed to sunlight or any strong source of light like the compact fluorescent lamp for about 5 minutes. After exposing it, take it in the darken room. Notice how it wonderfully glows in the dark!
  4. Dip the paint brush in the paint and put random dots on the ceiling covering one grid at the same time. Make different sizes of dots but take note that the largest should not mush bigger than the dime.
  5. Make sure to cover as many surfaces in the room as possible with the glow paint so you can create a Lost Space every time you turn off the light.
  6. After doing it on the ceiling, do it on the wall as well!
  7. Once you make it both on your ceiling and wall, you can now take out the step ladder and drop cloth outside.
  8. Then dilute a small amount of the glow paint in equal amount of water and shake it very well.
  9. Using the old toothbrush, dip it in this mixtures and sprinkle all over the floor of your room. Just don’t step on the areas you already sprinkled with the paint.
  10. Let the paint get dry fro about half an hour before you place back all the furniture in your room.
  11. You can charge up the paint in the room using a strong source of light like a compact fluorescent lamp bulb of about 15-20 watts. On daytime open your window to let the get in. Five minutes is good enough. This is the best way I think. Don’t forget to darken the room after.

So there you go! This is so easy to do. In the end, you be amaze of the result. It’s like you are riding in a magic carpet (through your bed) and lost in space! Try it!

For those who don’t have enough time to do this but really want to make their room elegant and alive, why not buy abstract art instead? Search them online of visit the nearest abstract art gallery in your area and search among the gallery paintings that suit your style!

5 Unique Gifts for Animal Lovers

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Is it time for you to give gifts? Well, if it is and said person is an animal lover, you might consider reading on. Also, you are so lucky that you have a huge list of gifts to select from. There are lots and lots of superb and unique gifts out there which are designed most specially for animal lovers. We are pretty much aware that anybody who really cares about animals is so obsessive about them. In fact, they are even proud to show off how they feel about the animal they adore through their decors. Since there are various decors made available in the market, you can easily search for unique and exciting gifts that are surely suitable to any type of animal lover.

The gifts that you can give to animal lovers are inspirational, stylish, fun and exciting. Now, why not take your gift giving to a new level by buying precisely what your intended gift recipient truly want to receive.

Let me tell you five (5) unique gifts that you can give to animal lovers. First, you can provide him or her animal clocks. Second, you might also want to consider giving lamp shades. Third, another unique gift is night lights and fourth is mirrors. Finally, you can also give wall art.

The above-mentioned enumeration of gifts is great choices because you can find items that are designed most especially for animal lovers and they come in different varieties. For instance, you can choose to buy a dancing penguin pendulum clock or elk lamp shades. There are countless items that are designed with cats, dogs and horses. Also, with regards to wall arts, you might want to consider abstract art paintings, the subject being animals, of course. There are some abstract art gallery where you can find what you really want. On the other hand, creating your own original abstract art painting might also be a good idea. Now, can you see that there is really something for everyone’s taste?

Lots of these thrilling gifts are hand crafted one-of-a-kind or unique items. They indeed can provide a true lasting impression. The craftsmanship that is placed into these items is really impressive plus they will get to last for lots of years. Surely, any animal lover will be amazed with the gift that you have given them as they will find it thoughtful plus it is one that suits their individual style. Who knows, it might even be the most excellent gift that they have ever received.

His Most Famous Painting – Nude Descending a Staircase, Number 2 – Marcel Duchamp

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One of the most influential figure of the “Contemporary Art” is Marcel Duchamp (1887-1968). He became known for his sturdily expressed contempt for the area of conventional ‘Fine Arts.’ Also, he has, in a way, a relation to the ‘Surrealist Movement’ which is the descendant of ‘Cubism.’ What’s controversial in this artist is the fact that his methodology and themes were not well received by ‘Cubists.’ As a consequence, the ‘Dada Movement’ emerged. The most famous painting of Marcel as well as his most scandalous ‘Dadaist’ work is the “Nu descendant un escalier n° 2 (Nude Descending a Staircase, No.2)”. Such creation became a turning point of his life.

When Duchamp created the “Nude Descending a Staircase, No.2″ in 1912, he did it with great enthusiasm. This is indeed a path-breaking piece that has a measurement of 57.88″ X 35.12” oil work on canvas. If you want to see it, you will find this among the gallery paintings shown in the Philadelphia Museum of Art. This is one monochromic work that mainly contains yellow and its shades. It can be said that this is a quiet ‘Cubist’ painting as shown by its geometric representation rather than figurative. It is the spirit of ‘Futuristic Art’ infused in it that makes it unique. This is an original painting that hardly contains some background. Instead, the background shows the allusion to the dark ‘staircase.’ Marcel didn’t embody sensuality but embodied around twenty or so images of a mechanically structured figure. These images or figures were arranged in a sequence over the ‘staircase.’

As regards the ‘Cubist’ style, you can easily distinguish structurally the bright figure, silhouetted against a dark background if it is either a male or female. The sequence of images conveys the how the figure changes postures while it descends the staircase. This is a concept which is almost similar to the composition of a stroboscopic motion picture where there is a sequence of stills. The “Nude Descending a Staircase, No.2” is indeed the outcome of intense observation and diligence. An element of raw force of energy and futuristic vision are both carried.

In 1912, when it this revolutionary ‘Futurism’ and unorthodox methodology had its debut show at the Paris Salon des Indépendants, a lot of opposition and negative reviews came out. One more reason why this creation had a poor response and why it was eventually rejected was the backdrop of the covert, contemptuous emotions behind this work. Despite being annoyed, Duchamp chose to re-present the painting at the International Exhibition of Modern Art in 1913. Just like its debut show, it again received criticism due to the common belief that it was only a mere caricature of the much-revered subject of nudity that lacked artistic aesthetics.

Even if the painting was either loved or hated, the “Nude Descending a Staircase, No.2” never lost its public attention. In fact, it turned out to be a topic of lots of American parodies, including books, musicals, and paintings. “When a thing ceases to be a subject of controversy, it ceases to be a subject of interest.” Such statement of William Hazlitt is indeed remarkably justified by the history.

Fat Pigeons

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This is the large abstract art painting “Fat Pigeons II” by Jason York. The abstract painting was created with oils and mixed media on stretched canvas and ships framed and ready to hang.

This painting is an ORIGINAL art painting by Jason York and not a print of any kind. The artwork comes with a NFAR certificate of authenticity upon request.


Dimensions: 24″ x 24″
Support: Stretched on wood stretcher bars
Material: Oil on Canvas
Support: Gallery wrapped (no stables showing)
Stock ID: 840