Painting Ideas

painting ideas

Most artists expressed their feeling though a painting. Painting has been used fro thousands of years now to express human emotions. It is rightfully said that “a picture is worth a thousand words”. Painting a tiny flower, a huge gathering, an old fort or latest model can be accomplished using a canvas, colors and painting tools. Aside from those physical materials, you also need to have a wild imagination that is your key to a successful masterpiece.


Canvas Art Ideas


  1. You should know your interest area. If you like things such as gadgets or vehicles, you can try them on a canvas! It doesn’t matter if you’re a first timer or not, I believe you will enjoy doing this. Same thing goes if you love nature, why not spend time to go to the nearest favorite spot and start your masterpiece?


  1. Floral Art is probably one of the best painting ideas for the novices. All by yourself, you can arrange your favorite flowers in a vase or buy a simple affordable bouquet and start your work with keen observation. A single flower is also enough to make your canvas artwork.


  1. Try new things! If you enjoy painting a particular genre and is good at it, you may also try to do something that is completely different. Try landscape, abstract art, contemporary paintings as well and others.


  1. If you are tired of looking for a subject to paint with, look at yourself in a mirror. Why not paint your hands, or your legs with your favorite footwear on. Remember, do not limit yourself on one thing, explore, enjoy and experiment!


  1. Thinking weird might also help you. Let say an ants queue over your books stack, or a mobile phone placed inside your formal shoes, as if on a phone stand. It’s a matter of thinking something unusual. The more you think weird the more it will become unique!


  1. Try abstract paintings! If you think landscape or still life paintings are too hard for you since you are a novice, why not try abstract art paintings instead? It will be easier for you to create this and express your feelings!

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