Light Matters!


Whether you want to create your abstract painting in-doors or out-doors, having the right light on your canvas is important, yet I frequently observe some artists doing wrong.


If you prefer to paint your abstract art out-doors, you must remember that when you’re done, your paintings are going to hang on a wall under indoor light. So, for you to paint in light that is similar to this you must always turn the easel so the canvas is full shade. Or let say, you must turn the canvas “against the light”. Meaning to say, no sunlight must fall on the canvas during the whole painting process.


Watch-out for direct sunlight!

Always keep in mind that your paintings will be hang on a wall with indoor light, so, if you will paint it in direct sunlight, you would not be able to judge hue values well and the paintings when brought indoors would be too dark.


When you prefer to paint in-doors, you don’t want direct sunlight fall under your canvas, however you need indirect lighting to illuminate the canvas nicely. Therefore, when you create a masterpiece indoors you want as much indirect light on your canvas as possible, which, when you think about it, is very similar to being in the shade out-doors.


Of course you want to see what you are doing when you’re indoors but don’t switch on the overhead light as they can ruin any sense of form that a single source of light creates on your subject. If you want, you could set up a lamp that could be the source of your light but doesn’t shine directly on your canvas. In short, indirect sunlight is the key!


Perhaps you would ask, how about normal light? The term normal is actually weakened out capability to taste the light with our eyes. It cuts our sensation with an idea. To be able to say that a specific light bulb has a normal color to it is like saying the green light bulb is the normal color but the truth is there is no such thing as “normal” color or light!


The type of light that an artificial light emits (its color and temperature) would be the same color or temperature it draws out in a painting. Like for example an ordinary household bulb that is tend to be yellowish will make the warm of a painting glow, on the other hand, fluorescent tubes draws out the cools in a painting.


Don’t be concern about the fancy names given to different types of bulbs what you need to so is to see the light in order to judge it. Try out range of artificial lights until you get to a mix that looks good to you. Finally, do as Cezanne said, “Trust your little sensations.” Only you can tell what you want and what you like to create your abstract art paintings a masterpiece.

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