The New Contemporary Painters Arise!

There are millions of painters nowadays. Some names are well-known while others are less familiar. We listed below some name of painter who are new in the business but made it on the top because of this we think are among the most exciting contemporary painters working today that are worth introducing for.

Jakub Julian Ziolkowski

Born in Poland in 1980, Ziolkowski’s painting has quickly become highly desirable. Quite apart from it’s “must have” standing in most galleries and collectors, deserve to be in the top.

Comes in different styles and ways he created it, his best art works are masterly, considering that his one of the youngest painters in the list, Ziolkowski is just starting on his artistic career.

Adrian Ghenie

Born in Romania in 1977, is another Eastern European young artist whose works burst onto the art scene in year 2005. Since then his reputation grow quickly.

His art works attempts to investigate memory and the unconscious against a backdrop of 20th century European history.

Often achieving a cinematic, film noir-esque quality and his highly structured dramatically lit tableau makes him one of the major novices in art of the moment.

Jonathan Wateridge

Born 1979 in UK, this artist is expert in technical brio and old-mastery style. However, his subject matter is not standard fare. His art works includes scenes of disaster such as plane crashes; shipwrecks counterpoised against sublime landscapes, massive group portraits focus on unlikely ensembles, historical re-enactment societies, space program personnel, school plays or even Sandinistas.

This artist’s eye for detail is certainly breathtaking, his grand compositions a nod, among several influences towards the romanticized High Victorian mise en scene.

Aside from these new artists, there are also some abstract art artists who are making their way onto the top of success. Since abstract painting is gaining its popularity nowadays, that why it is very much understandable that thousands of artist choose abstract art paintings as their way of expressing their selves.

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