The future of art: A good investment!

For us to be able to look for the suture, we should also take a look into the recent past. It is not only helpful to look at different styles as well, but I think we will find that particular fashions that have changeable degrees of mutual influence upon artistic actions.

Existing art trends are the reflections of the obvious confusion found in the fashion industry. Now you can see the 60’s hippie gear with the 80’s punk. Experiments with pop and new wave persist and cartoon wear taken directly off the pages of anime imagery is finding a resemblance with hi-hop and black gangster rap. Next to this is a vision of fantastic mixture of some or all of cartoon, naïve, pop art, abstract expressionism and surrealism that I believe has been called as neo-expressionism.

Commercial world even show instant recreation of fast and becoming the most successful entity in that it encompasses almost everything in everywhere. Television has brought in a specific modern basic attitude towards art and living but nowadays it is replaced by the very latest technological breakthrough – the computer. Thorough computer, anyone can produced art in any part of the world and could let others seen it even at the other side of the world. Everyone is very much welcome to add their own personal art work. This is free to use by all and all are also entitle to express their own artistic side!

Being in the middle of another chaotic period, we are blessed since every kind of entertainment or activity is being poured into it. Soon, the combination would be just perfect for the next generation of artists to join together. But what kind of art would it be?

I think, for us to know the answer, we have to look at the present situation; on the internet. We need to look at those delicate shoots in a very deeper sense like the gaming environment, the online caricatures and their naïve graffiti styles including those intimate personal blogs absolutely overflowing with new creativity not to mention the ever handy mobile phone with instant photographic and movie ability. I believe, this is where the next art movement will arise and grow.

So, if you are looking for an investment in art for the future, I think you should start your search now into the many visual interpretations found on the net, you will then eventually find that the internet has a greater impact to the new covenant of the future fine art. Its power and strength will establish an entirely ground-breaking art that will depict a tantalizing contradiction; a movement, unknown and yet extremely personal.

Want to start your investment in abstract art? Since abstract paintings are getting its popularity why not invest on them? Buy abstract art now and sell them in the future if you want.

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