Having trouble in buying abstract paintings? Try these tips!

Some people might think that buying abstract paintings is an easy task to do. Though for some expert, it is others might still find it hard especially those novices are finding it hard to choose which one they should buy. They might choose the work they want then buy it!

However, as soon as you look at the abstract painting, you will then find out that “it is not really the one you are looking”, that will lead you to looking for another.

Here’s what you should take in consideration as well as what you should ask to yourself…”why does this painting I am looking right now is not quite right?” You can find several answers to that.

  1. It has the colors you don’t like.
  2. You are not sure if it will look good together with your other item in your room.
  3. It takes time for you to realize that there’s something you don’t like about the art work.
  4. You find it great but you are not that sure if it is enough for the space.
  5. It is just right but it cost more than you are expecting.

Though I may not know all the answer, I will still like to share some of my experience about this matter that could be the solution for your problem.

Let’s say you saw an abstract art painting you like but the there’s something wrong with the color combination. Why not try to contact the artists and tell them about what you’re thinking? By doing so, you will find out that some of them will either be able to replicate a similar work in the colors you like, or they are very much willing to notify you when and if they produce a work that may be nearer to the colors you desire.

If you have a problem with the size, I recommend you do the same as I mention above. Contact them and let them know the problem, I’m sure they would give a similar response like what is written above.

Another thing you should keep in mind is when you bought a painting is that the artist is offering a return policy. Like in my case, I have a ten day return policy which means if you bought a painting and hang it to your wall and if within 10 days of buying that painting you become uncomfortable with any reason and you think you can’t live with it anymore, you may return it then and your money will also be returned. The point here is that you may have particular decisions on buying the artwork, so it important to tell this to the artist which will enable them, if they decide to, to produce a work that is more likely you want. Because of this, you will be very much glad and you will have greater value of the painting you have bought!

Another tricky task for you is the price of the art piece. In this case, there are several artists that offer different ways to help you buy the piece you want. If ever the piece you really like is too expensive then you have a number of choices. Probably the easiest way for you to do is to negotiate the price with the artist. But you must also never forget that the artist has created a totally unique and original painting. Take in consideration also the artist struggles just to finish his art piece. It would probably take them 5 years, ten years or even so just to come up with that painting, so negotiate with the price but be realistic not only for yourself but for the artists as well.

However, there are also some artists who will not negotiate their artwork’s prices. Yet, they may be willing to sell you the work by installment. But before you buy it, ask yourself “Do I really want this painting?” If yes, then you go buy it.

Lastly, some artists are making their art work available as high quality giclee prints. There reproductions look very much closer as those original one and some of the reproduction houses make sure that every brush stroke has the appropriate texture and feeling. So, you can still buy a work that is almost identical to the original one except for one fact, and that is the price of the art piece. The print will be of a limited edition, that makes it a collectible investment – and it will have been checked, numbered and signed by the artist.

If ever, none of the above proves to be helpful to you then the easiest thing to do is contact the artist and just communicate to them or inform them what you think about their work, what you are looking for.

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