Making Your Own Abstraction

Visiting art galleries to find the perfect abstract art canvas for you to hang and display to your wall sometimes lead you to a feeling of frustration because you could not find anything that fits your taste. No need to worry! Don’t you know that you can make your own abstract art painting? Yes you can!

I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking that it is impossible for you to do so since you are not an artist right? You are wrong! Since you’re aiming to have an abstract art, you cam make your own one! What you just need to do is to use the right and appropriate tools and of course your wild imagination. Abstract art is a form of art focuses on forms and colors and not on any particular visual subject or reference. But remember abstract painting is more than just dashing and throwing your paint on a canvas. You need to do some planning too!

Let’s get started!

A simple basic rule applied in all do-it-yourself projects before starting is taking time to sit down and plan is very important, next would be gathering all the materials or tools needed. For planning, first step would be searching for a spot in your wall where you want your painting to put.

For a novice like you, starting small is a great idea. Buy a canvas that is big enough for you. Other materials you will also need and you must have are brushes, palette and paints, either oil or acrylic.

For ideas, you can base your abstract art on anything you desire. You can use a print you saw somewhere, you can also use a photograph that you like let say a picture of your favorite pet.

Painting on a Canvas

For example you choose to use a picture of your pet for your abstract art piece. To start with, put a transparent paper over the photograph and pick out the outline of the shapes you see in the picture over the transparent paper. Through this, you would be able to too the so called “negative space” or the spaces between or around the objects.

Then try to copy this outline to your canvas. You can actually do two things. Either fill the negative spaces with color of your choice or outline the shape that you have copied on your canvas with different colors that match one another.

After doing so, you can mix together and blend the colors to come up with tones of light and dark. These tones will give dept to your painting and therefore make it more interesting to look at. And if you want your art looks more interesting, you can create textures with various thickness of paint and different strokes of your brush.

To make it short, things you should remember in creating your own abstract art canvas are:

  1. Limiting the number of colors you would use on your artwork or else, it would look brassy and confusing.
  2. The most important thing you should keep in mind is that to have fun and enjoy and let your imagination do the work!

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