9. Wall Decorating Ideas

Stretching a budget have its many ways. And if you are one of those people who cannot help but allot a portion of their earnings to improving their homes, then I cannot blame you! Our homes are the reflection of our personality and the being as a whole. And where else can we express ourselves fully but in the comforts of our own personal space!  But, if your finances have just faced some bumpy road along due to unforeseen events, or because of a move, or other priorities, finding the proper decorations for your bare room or walls may be your one of your suppressing house concerns, But don’t fret, try these suggestions to turn your empty walls into the most beautiful one that you have ever seen.

Art works are the best way to help put some pizzas to your walls. The first thing that you need to know is the style that you are adapting for your interiors, if you already know what you want, then good for you. If you are living in a cottage styled house, floral artworks will do best for you. For the contemporary homes, artworks in black and white with metal frames will do the job. Antique and weathered looking designs will work for country homes. Lastly, if you have a more on the traditional style, then landscapes, botanicals and floras will do just perfectly. But, if you want an art piece that will work with just about anything, then abstract paintings and contemporary paintings is your best bet! If you want, you may visit a local art gallery or online abstract art gallery that showcases different abstract art designs that you can choose from.

Also, you may make use of the different tools of media and hang it on your walls. Take a picture of your favorites, or check out the books and other prints where pictures are abundant. Cut them off and frame them. You may also want to get inspiration from movies and the likes. Simply freeze a scene, print, frame and hang.

Next, try to visit flea markets and the likes. You may just find the perfect plates to hang on your walls! Or, try to visit your attic room and look for toys, flags, and other things that you can hang.

Lately, you can also create your own art works or wall hangings. Make a collage out of the natural resources that are greatly abundant just about anywhere. Or, make a photo collection/ collage will also do.

See? Jazzing up your empty walls is just easy!

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