8. Update your kitchen easily

Our kitchen is one of the most important places in our homes. In fact, we tend to spend more hours in the kitchen as compared to the other functional rooms that we have. So, if you want to update your kitchen, here are a few guide lines to help you out:

Fist thing on the list is your floor plan. Get to know what’s on your kitchen. If things are designed fine, then updating your kitchen will be easy. If not, you might want to hire a professional for an hour or two to get yourself started in identifying possible solutions to your floor plan.

Next, change your cabinet’s hardware. Changing your cabinet’s knobs will do great things for to refresh your kitchen. Remove your greasy and old cabinet knobs with new, trendy and stronger knobs. Before you go out to buy some cabinet pulls, count first the number of knobs that you need and divide it to your budget. Prices varies from one knob to another so make sure to stick to your budget (and scourge for the best bargain!)

Get a new lighting fixture. Replace old and dim lighting fixtures with new ones. Be brave to try different fixtures like a chandelier maybe. Choose one that will match the ambiance and other fixtures inside your room.

Invest in art works and add some touch of nature. Having something to splash color to your world without the need to overly worry about replacing them all the time is a great idea. You browse through for a gallery painting online and view artworks that will suite your room. If you want a multi-purpose art work, abstract paintings and contemporary paintings will do the trick. prices for original abstract paintings may vary, so invest in one that you really like. By the way, make sure that you place your paintings away from heat and water so that they will not get destroyed. Meanwhile, adding some plants and flowers will also help make your room look more fresh.

Lastly, Paint your ceiling and walls. Painting a room can help brighten up and change the look of the room. To start, you have to first clean the ceilings and walls before applying the paint. You may also try to paint your cabinets if you want to, but this may require more time.

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