7. Remodel your bathrooms inexpensively

Are you one of those persons who says “blah!” every time you enter your bathrooms? If yes, then this is an indicator that your bathrooms need some remodeling! But before you bombard me with a  lot of complaints on the costs of remodeling a bathroom,  then let me tell you first that remodeling bathrooms are not exactly expensive as you think if you know what to do and what to look for. Second, have you ever heard of the phrase “simple things can do wonders”? If yes, I’m glad you did! If not, now you’ve heard of it. Now really, when we hear of the word “remodeling” we instantly think that there is a need for us to dole out large sums of money because of the need to change or buy new fixtures and the likes. Hmm, maybe there is a need to dole out money but not exactly large enough because we are not going to buy almost everything new again. Remodeling bathroom inexpensively will only require your imagination, time and some shopping skills. So, let’s get started!

First thing that you need to have at hand is your floor plan. If you do not have it, then, well, try to get those measuring tapes and your pencil and paper. Don’t worry if you do not know how to draw well, just try to get the measurements and draw a simple bathroom layout. If you think that you really cannot do it, then consult experts, Better yet, take a picture of your bathroom. Then, with these things at hand, try to ask for the prices from different stores and create a vision or  design that you like best then, you may try to get the best bargain that you can find for the design that you have seen.

Next is to do it yourself. Rearrange the items in your bathroom. Space is the key here. Also, try to add some art on your walls to spice them up. Colorful abstract paintings and contemporary paintings will help add some attitude and kick to your bathrooms. To have a wider range of choices, you may buy abstract paintings online. Investing on artworks will do great wonders. Changing your toilet cover seat can also be a very good especially when your cover seat complements with the color of the floor or of the room. In addition, you may also want to opt to change to glass doors rather from the shower curtains, Glass doors are more efficient, easy to clean, and gives off a more polished look. Painting your bathrooms is also more economical rather than using wallpapers since wall papers peels off when there’s too much moisture.

Lastly, do not be afraid to spend a small amount of money to refurbish your rooms. Indeed, simple things are actually big things!

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