6. Great room Ideas

Great room is a three-in-one room that contains the kitchen, dining and living rooms altogether. Maintaining harmony in a great room is not exactly as easy. There are some planning to do so that you can make use of every space at its maximum but with an assurance that the plans are at its most efficient modeling so as to avoid crowdedness and the likes. If you happen to have a problematic great room, and then try these ideas to help guide you have a harmonized and well-efficient room.

Unity is the clue. Have a unified flooring and make use of complementary colors. Installation of one type of floor will create a flowing look that will make your room unified. In addition, making use of complementary colors with the furniture will make your room look like every section is part of each other. Try to have furniture and fixtures of the same wood stain so that they will look more like of a set than several pieces of sets that were just mixed together. You may also try to use contrasting colors if you want to, but be sure to carry one or complementary colors throughout the majority of the room

Create your zones but make sure that you also create a certain flow at the same time. Rugs can be a great way to create your zones. Simply put a rug under your dining table to emphasize it. To separate rooms without having to make use of walls, you may also put art such as abstract paintings or contemporary painting to your side walls. Group together small pieces of the paintings to a certain section of a wall and create a wall backdrop. Or, you might want to buy abstract paintings or any other art works that are large enough to cover the majority of your section’s backdrop. Create a focal point in your room. In addition, make sure that you do not block the pathways when you are positioning your furniture and fixture. Create a certain flow that will guide you and your visitors in walking through your great room.

Lastly, try to trim your windows and the likes to create a wider space. You may also add a large mirror to give an illusion of space.

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