5. Art Inspirations

Do you want to create your own abstract paintings, or contemporary paintings for that matter, but can’t find a reason or a subject that will help you kick-off those imaginations? Well, worry no more. Try to follow these art ideas that will help inspire you to get those colors and brushes rolling:

Start from real or true to life subjects and move gradually to abstraction. This is the traditional method of doing abstract art. You may have tried painting portraits, landscapes, still life and the likes – and guess what? You can start from there. Try to copy and paint from photographs. You may also reproduce patterns and cut and mix then till you get a good idea. With these, you are trying to closely represent what you are seeing and altering some of its parts until you get the abstraction that you have wanted.

For example, you may try getting your hands on a bowl of fruits. Try to copy the outlines and shapes of the fruit, and then try to squint your eyes till it all gets blurry. Try to paint that blurry scene that you saw along with your outlines. Or, you may also want to try to blow up a certain part of the composition and use it as the focal subject of your abstract art painting. Do not be afraid to change colors, vary composition, add shapes, and make stronger lines. Simply, just play with your colors until you get the look that you want. Try to move a bit faster and study your work after. If you’re not yet satisfied, then get those brushes moving more.

Another way to get yourself to paint is to make use of your emotions. How are you feeling today? Are you bored, tired, happy, or sad? Whatever your answer is, you may start from there. Paint from how and what you are feeling,

You may also try to tune up that sound system to help you catch a certain feeling. Listening to music creates a certain impact on a person’s emotion. So, if you want to paint something loud, then pump up those speakers with rock music. Want something subtle or relaxing? Try classical, jazz, and other slow music.

Try these art inspirations ideas and see those canvasses come alive!

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