4. Animal Collection

Growing up, my family has had a lot of animals running in and out of our doors. Although my mother is not a pet lover, she does not complain by any bit when my father brings home a lost dog or a stray kitten. Maybe she just got used to it and learned to love them too (sans the touching and cuddling the pets) Nevertheless, animals have always been a part of a person’s life – mine and my mother’s included.

Probably, at least once in your life, an animal have touched your life. It may be the dog that was given to you as a birthday present, or the bird that fell down the tree while you were throwing stones at it just to get the tree’s fruit, or the kitten that you saw just around the corner and decided to adopt it, or the horse on your farm, or if you don’t have any access to those animals (although I doubt it) it can be that movie, with animals as the main “actors”, that made you cry.

Whatever they are, and whoever you are, these animals have never failed to inspire us and making our lives more meaningful. And so, it is no wonder that our well beloved pets have been a subject of different forms of art – even in contemporary paintings and in abstract paintings.

If you are one of those people who desire to immortalize their pets and still continue to show love for their pets even if they have long been gone (or even when they are not yet gone) you can always do so by having your own personal collection of dog or animal paintings inside your house. Not only will it be a testament to the world of your love and affection for your pets, you are also assured that these art pieces will be a hit in your home! Put them in your dining rooms or in your other rooms, either way, it will work. Besides, who does not love a pet?

To get original abstract art paintings or contemporary paintings, You may browse through gallery paintings on the internet to have more access to such genre and buy abstract or contemporary art through the same websites.

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