3. Abstract art: collections for a “new” home

Revamping a room is not as always easy as other people may think. There’s always the personality of its owners that need to be reflected on the room, the cost of revamping the place, and of course, the labor that comes along with fixing the entire space. But, if you are not just the type who wants to move a lot of things in a room – maybe because you already like how it looks like – but still feels that something is amiss or a place is empty, then why not try to consider assessing your place?

First thing that you have to do is to find the focal areas in your room. Look for areas that have a large space, such as that space behind your sofa that is so large enough that it makes your room bare if nothing will be placed there, or the empty walls on your hallway, or that wall near the windows Usually, the walls are the first stop when assessing a room since they are the basic structure of the room.. Remember that empty or bare walls may spell “boring”.

Next, look for that something that inspires you and put it on your walls or tables. It may be an art piece that you have seen in gallery paintings, or a portrait of your family members, or a souvenir that you bought last summer vacation.

Expand your art collection. Buy art pieces. Art pieces can create a huge difference in any room. Abstract paintings for one can complement with almost anything since they can stand out on whatever background they are placed on. Or, if you have a specific subject or theme, you may browse through online abstract art gallery and search for the ones that you like. You may also order them through the same site.

Frame and arrange your new collection. Frame your abstract paintings and decide which art should go with other arts. Lay them on the floor, group and arrange them. A measuring tape may come handy when doing this. Vary your groupings, mix and match them until you get that grouping that you are most comfortable with. When done, place them on your walls, making sure that you placed them properly (you would not want them to fall).

Voila – fresh home with abstract art paintings!

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