2. Freshen up a home

Are you bored with your rooms? Do you feel as if you are totally out of place with your place? If you said yes to any of those two questions, then you need to do something with your room and bring it to another level.

New Point of View. Look at your room in a different perspective. Get out of your house and walk back in but as if it was your first time to see it. Stand in the hallway or in a place where you can get a good look at things. Which features of your room did you see clearly? Sometimes we get used to seeing things over and over again that we tend not to take a good look or even notice them. Are your walls empty? Are the tables bare? How about the floors and the light? What things inside your room were you able to identify yourself to? Do you like the color of your furniture? Do you like the feeling of having a room filled with lots of things, or do you want to have a more open room? Do you feel that you are part of the room – which the room reflects who you are?

Rearrange your furniture. Now that you know the areas in your room that need your attention, it is now time to arrange your room to complement those walls or spaces that you have overlooked. Decide which arrangement will most likely reflect your style. And do not worry about rearranging them over and over again – you can always bring them back to their original positions anytime you want.

Fill empty spaces. If you have noticed many empty or blank walls, then it’s high time that you fill them up. Maybe there’s an abstract painting or a contemporary painting that you have seen in an abstract art gallery that you might want to buy and place it on that empty space. You may also want to try adding some plants in places where there is enough sunlight, or If you are not sure about taking care of the plant, try to buy abstract painting that have nature as a subject.

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