10. Ways to Make your room more colorful

Having bare looking room is neither appetizing nor wonderful. So, what will you exactly do to help yourself add more attitude and color your room? Here are some easy ideas to help get you started!

  1. Paint the wall. This is the most basic of all the basics! If you want, you may paint only one wall to create a focal point in your room. Not only will it emphasize that certain part of your room, it will also save you from all the hassles of redecorating and painting the entire room. You can choose to paint a more bold or daring color for a certain room so that you can add some kick to it.
  2. Add color by adding more throw pillows and the likes. Choose throw pillows or blankets that will add some interest on your living room. Try to look for pillow cases that have interesting patterns, colors and shapes, but make sure that they still harmonize with the rest of the dominant colors of your walls.
  3. Get a rug. And place them on a strategic location. It can be a colorful rug against a more subtle coffee table. Try to contrast colors if you want to.
  4. Hang a large mirror on an empty and boring space. Adding a large mirror will not only create the illusion of a wider space, but it will also reflect the other colors of the room and thus creating more light and more colors.
  5. Give your room a touch of Mother Nature. Do you know that installing plants on your room creates a more relaxed atmosphere? In addition, the colors of the flowers and the leaves also add a certain twist that we can only get from nature. If you cannot have a real flower or plant, you may try to use the plastic ones (although the real ones are preferred) or you may mimic nature in the color and designs of your upholstery, pillows and other accents.
  6. Choose a more appropriate lighting fixture. It can be a lamp, spotlight, chandelier or just simple fluorescent light. The key here is to make sure that your lighting fixture accents the style of the entire room. Create some warmth with the use of lights.]
  7. Lastly, go for art. This is one of the best ways to make a dull room colorful. Hanging art pieces on a wall will instantly create an emphasizing effect on the wall. Aside from the classical forms of art, you might want to try your hand on abstract art pieces or in contemporary paintings. You may buy abstract art paintings in abstract art galleries or in online abstract gallery.

With these simple ideas, dull and empty wall problems are solved!

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