Wanted: Art subjects

Are you running out subjects for your abstract art or contemporary paintings? If you are a painter who needs more art works to fill your gallery, then the search for the ‘perfect’ subject to paint is one of the most tedious process that you have to go through. Luckily, in abstract paintings and contemporary paintings, abstraction allows the artist to explore the non-representational subjects, like feelings, and even those out- of-this world ideas. But, if in case you do not know what to think or paint next, continue reading through this article which aims to provide you with more insight on possible art inspirations.

Inspiration from People and feelings.  Your family, friends, or simply anyone that you see or meet when walking down the street, can be a good source of inspiration for your paintings. Can you ‘draw’ your mom or dad or your feelings toward your friends using your colors? Why not paint the anguish and pain of the beggar you saw in one of the city’s corner? Or maybe, you would like to paint the lovers who were strolling along the park’s river bank?  Feeling sad and blue or angry? Then splash that canvas with loud colors!

Inspiration from objects. Like your balcony chair, or the fruit arrangement on the table. Maybe, your old gardening tools against the flower bed will do well too. Use different mediums, shapes, colors and tones to impart the ‘homey’ feeling of a home

Inspiration from nature and animals. Spread some sunshine with bright and yellow colors to depict how beautiful mornings can be. Meanwhile, warm tones, like yellow to red to black colors, will also create a calm sunset atmosphere. Or, if you want, you may burst some colors on your canvass with a garden setting! Also, why not try a hand on drawing your pets or the animals that you have seen? Are you addicted with your cat’s eye? Then paint it! Tell the world why you love your pets so much.

Inspiration from fantasy and media.  Fantasy is probably the open-ended inspiration for the primary reason that fantasy does not have any boundaries! Explore it and see what you can make out of it. Be the knight, fairy or wizard for a while! Meanwhile, you may paint a scene out of the books that you have read or from the movies and other shows that you have seen.

Just remember this: In abstract art, the options are endless.

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