Wall make-over: things to consider

Walls play an important role in every house. Aside from the fact that they serve as the main pillar or base of a house structure, walls help create the atmosphere a room wants to achieve. Basically, since rooms all have walls, walls are one of the important key players in any room.  If you have a bland or empty wall, then the need to decorate it is a great must for you to do – having empty walls create a message that the owner of the house seems not to care about the entire house. So, get up quickly and think of ideas to help enliven your walls. Here are a few things that you might want to consider when doing a wall make over:

The Interior style that you want to achieve, this is the very first thing that you must think of. What is the theme or atmosphere that you want to achieve? Is it traditional or Mediterranean? Zen or Contemporary? It is here that you can determine the range of colors and the texture you need to achieve” that look.” Also, knowing the style you want will help aide you in selecting the right furniture and other decorating ideas to best suite your rooms will come in next.

Curtains or other window and wall treatments? Just what kind of curtain and windows must you install to help strengthen the interior style that you want? If your room is small, curtains that has horizontal lines in it can make it look larger. If you have a low ceiling, vertical lines can help make it taller. Can’t paint your walls? Then add life to those empty space using curtains that has bold colors to divert the attention of your visitors from the blank wall.

Plants and other flora.  Plants help create a more relaxed and fresh room. Meanwhile, flowers gives your room some power-packed burst of colors without having to worry if whether or not they fit with the rest of the room – they fit with almost any kind!

Lighting. Lighting place another important role in fully achieving an atmosphere, so carefully select which types of light will help emphasize your theme.

Artwork. Give life to a wall using paintings and other wall accessories, like a collection of plates hung on a wall, to give more punch to a boring wall. If you are confused with regard to which painting to hang, it is better to buy abstract art or contemporary paintings since they have a broad selection of subjects that you can choose from. If you want, you may try to search on online gallery paintings which have original abstract art paintings up for sale.

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