TIE and DYE: Squirt Technique

In abstract art painting, artists make use of colors to express what they are feeling. So, most often than not, you will see in some gallery paintings an abstract art that is just a plain mix of colors and circles or patterns but a very striking one at that!

To achieve this kind of art, you may opt for a Tie-Dye method. According to the Wikipedia, Tie-dye is defined as a process of resist dyeing textiles or clothing which is made from knit or woven fabric, usually cotton; Meanwhile, Resist dyeing textiles refers to “the methods of dyeing textiles with patterns.”  Tie and Dye requires some rigorous methods, but here is a simplified method just for you using a squirting technique:

You need:

  • Cloth/T shirt to put your patterns on
  • elastic bands
  • Dye of your desired colors, fiber reactive dyes are preferred
  • Squirting bottles
  • Gloves to prevent staining your hands
  • Large plastic or garbage bag to protect your work space (this can get messy!)

What you do:

The first thing that you need to do is to tie off your cloth or shirt using your rubber bands. Tying them up will create different design for each pattern. Remember that the part where the you first pick and tie the shirt is usually the center point of the pattern. If you desire it, you may first experiment with tying your rubber bands in different ways on several scrap pieces of cloth and the patterns that it creates.

Next, prepare your dye by following the manufacturer’s instructions. After which, place them in squirt bottles.  Once done, you’re ready to dye your cloth. Dying can get quite messy , so when dying, make sure to wear clothes that you don’t mind getting loaded with lots of other colors., use gloves to keep your hands clean, and cover your workspace with plastic.

Squirt the colors on the cloth, changing colors as you move from one band to another. The bands will refrain the colors to pass through the other parts of your cloth. After you have soaked your cloth with dye, we will now let the colors set – this may take hours (at least 8).

When set, rinse the excess dye and let it dry off. Voila! Your own abstract art design!

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