Ideas for a wall art

When visiting gallery paintings you may think that all of those artworks are meant only for those who are elite and can afford to buy those paintings. If you do not have the money to purchase them, then you can never have them even if you’re already excessively drooling over for that abstract painting that you may have seen in an abstract art gallery you have previously visited. But, guess what? You can always make one of your own! Here are a few design ideas to get your project started:

Go Natural. Our nature offers the best and most affordable resources that we can get. See that leaf hanging over your window? Why not get it and make your own stencil art? Arrange and place it on a canvass or thick board then spray over it. Remove the leaf to make a print.  Those fallen branches can also be used to create a frame for your board using strings to attach them together.

Go Asian. With a black paint and empty canvass, make your own calligraphy writing. You may search the internet for a word that you like, for example, the word love, and its characters. Practice first on a disposable paper until you are able to get the “feel” of it.

Tape them. Use tape to create stripes on your canvass. To do this, simply arrange and stick the tape strategically on the canvass. Paint over it using the colors you like. When the paint is dry, remove the tapes to reveal the stripes. You may also create a checker-styled art.

Mixed art. Use different materials like beads, magazines, stones and other embellishments to jazz up that blank canvass. Try making a collage or scrapbook-themed canvass. Also, you may try doing your own patch work on a canvass. Simply cut the squares and glue them on the canvass. Then you may add stitches on the sides to create a sewn effect.  Snip, stick and stitch away!

So what are you waiting for? Grab your canvass and other materials and start creating your original abstract art using these ideas!

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