Bathroom make-over

Bathrooms are one of the favorite rooms in a house because it gives you the chance to have a private time for yourself. So, as a requisite, bathrooms should be clean, fresh, neat and relaxing. But, is your bathroom boring you? Are the white walls making you feel empty? Are all your things inside your bathrooms makes you feel stressed rather than relaxed? When you enter the room, do you feel enclosed like a very tight jar? If you answered “yes” to at least two of those questions, then it only means one thing: it is time for a bathroom make over sans the need to dole out too much money.

The first thing to do in having a presentable and comfortable bathroom is to clean it. Remove the things that are not supposed to be in your bathroom. If you really need to have all those things inside your bathroom, then make sure that you are able to store and arrange them properly in boxes or in cabinets. Basically, what you’re trying to do here is to hide all the clutter in a container to make it look as if your things are well organized. Also, having a well organized room will also help create a wider space.   Sanitation is also very essential for this part of the house since bacteria thrive easily on wet places.

If you have bland or boring wall, then paint it. Deep colors will help make your room look larger since it will help create an illusion of having no corners. Also, adding large mirrors on the wall will help make it look more spacious too. Also, you may try to change your bulb to a “warm white” which gives a warmer glow.

Lastly, add life and colors to your space! If you have a large space and open space, fill it up with plants or the likes. If you have a smaller space, then try to fill in the walls (rather than the floor) with accessories or artworks such as abstract paintings. Try to buy an abstract art in an online abstract art gallery which offers a wide range of artworks for you to choose from.

There goes! You now have a new, clean, beautiful and fresh bathroom!

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