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Jazzing up a room with Abstract art

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For sure, every person has a favorite spot in their houses, pads, or flats– from parlors, reception area, kitchen, bathroom, private room, or porch. Bottom line is that favorite spot is your personal sanctuary that will most likely reflect your style, personality, and lifestyle that shields you away from all the hustle and bustle of your daily routine. Personalizing your comfort zone is not always easy. For one, the design is a crucial matter – what do I want to achieve? What style will work well with me and will best describe or reflect my personality? Speaking of personality, which personality will I want to express? Will the layout be functional? Two, there’s the furniture to think about – What furniture will I buy? Or if I have existing furniture, will they fit my needs? Will they work well with the other things inside my room? Will they help me achieve the design that I want to achieve? If not, what will I do? Will I throw them away, or recondition them? Will I let my existing furniture determine my design, or will I let my design determine what furniture to buy? Three, is the financial capacity – will I be able to afford all these? of course, the list does not end there – there are a lot things yet to consider.

Question now is, what will you do that will not only help spare you from those dilemma mentioned above and yet it will help you to really reflect your persona? The answer is easy: Jazz them up with art. If you are not sure which art to invest in, you might want to consider abstract art paintings or contemporary paintings which allow any person to explore all of his interests and level of persona since these works of art offers endless options and possibilities with regard to their subject matter and their impact on its viewers. In fact, their interpretations will largely depend on how you will interpret them! Indeed – endless! The burst of colors that these paintings offer will not only help brighten up your room, but it will also add some kick to the atmosphere while being functional and economical at the same time! You may view samples of these gallery paintings and buy them in an abstract art gallery.

Expressing feelings with Flowers

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Can’t say “I love you” but still wonder how you may say it in its most meaningful manner? Do it with the help of flowers!  Whichever generation a person may belong to, flowers have already created a certain trademark among every persons heart in saying the words “I love you” in its purest and simplest form.

Ever since the ancient times flowers have been synonymous in expressing those words into something tangible and meaningful – a fight between lovers, a birthday celebration (or other occasions for that matter) among friends, family or communities, or as offering or design; from a husband to his wife, a child to his or her parents, a sibling to the brother, a lover to his loved one, a friend to another, a last farewell offering of a grieving person to someone or as an offering of a believer to his maker – all of these people and instances have found the power of giving and saying things with flowers. Be it for better or worse situations, flowers has indeed created a positive feeling and a very big impact on the minds of every individual as a sign not just of love, but also of peace.

Aside from the emotional impact flowers have generated among its givers and recipients, they have also occupied a special place in making the world of art, music, and literature more colorful. As in abstract art or in contemporary paintings, flowers have conquered the interest and imaginations of both its creators – the artists – and its viewers. With their large diversity, their exquisite and delicate structures, their wide range of beautiful colors, the variety in attitude, form and feelings they inculcate among their spectator, they have created an assortment of possibilities available for the artists to choose from in creating their own versions of the color, form and texture to put on their canvasses and give these flowers another life. In fact, if you will try to view abstract art paintings or contemporary paintings from several abstract art galleries you will most likely find a large array of varieties in the expression of their artworks in their displays or collections but still find a common subject – flowers!

Indeed, flowers allow every individual to explore the different ways of expressing their feelings and not just that, they are also friendly for those who have allergies with flowers!

People in Abstract art

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Every human being is unique in their own rights. In fact, a person’s personality is still considered as one of the world’s unresolved mysteries since a person’s being varies from an individual to another.  In an artist’s effort to put into visual form a human being’s persona, such as in an abstract art, it has created a distinct individuality and a lot of varieties in on artist’s canvass from another canvass. “What am I feeling?”, “Why am I feeling this way?”, “What do I want to express?”, “How will I express these feelings?’ – these are the questions that an artist is faced with when dealing with his or her own self, meanwhile, the questions such as “what are they conveying to me?”, “How does it feel to be in their shoes?” and “What can I see and feel?”, are the questions artists  face in their intention to draw other people’s feelings.

The fright and agony in “The Scream” by The Norwegian artist, Edvard Munch, and the ethereal beauty manifested in Leonardo da Vinci’s “Mona Lisa” are just some of the infamous abstract art paintings that have captured the million hearts of their viewers because of their superb manner of showcasing the intricacy and mystery of a human being’s individualism and qualities.  In Edvard Munch’s art, the screaming man against the blood red colored-sky backdrop has caused a lot of controversies among scholars, and has gained a good standing as one of the prospects of art thieves.  Meanwhile, Mona Lisa’s smile has caused a lot of people to wonder about the woman, and her entire persona. The woman’s mysterious expression that can “launch a thousand ships” if needed be, the composition and the infusion of other forms and illusions on its backdrop never fails to acquire an unwavering appreciation, study and scrutiny of its curious viewers. Indeed people are one of the very controversial subject matters in art.

Want to get a better grasp on people’s feelings on canvass? Consider visiting any abstract art gallery and allure yourself with the beauty and inspiration of the paintings. Better yet, why not try a hand on those colors and brushes and make your original abstract art painting that depicts a person’s feeling.

What is trompe l’oeil?

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Trompe l’oeil mural is another famous idea for any room decoration. In fact you can enjoy doing this together with the entire family. A mural doesn’t have to be a complicated painting. A simple depiction of ivy winding its way up a door frame or trellis is a great addition to your plain wall. If you are not that good in painting, you can use an overhead projector or stencils to help you paint your mural. You will definitely be fascinated with the end result because it looks as real as the original.

The perfect places to paint your trompe l’oeil mural are on your child’s room, your bathroom, in the hallway, in the kitchen and in your family’s game room.

Try these following images:

ü  A landscape scene

ü  Medieval castles complete with night and horses

ü  Country farm

ü  Whimsical garden

ü  Ivy growing up in the wall of trellis

ü  And anything you can imagine

Then what’s next? Next thing you need to do is copy it onto a transparency paper then do the following:

  1. Place a drop cloth on the floor.
  2. Keep in mind that painting on a light-colored surface is easier than painting it on a dark surface. If your wall has a dark color such as navy or dark green, paint it white or anther light color before you begin
  3. Prim the area and let it dry first.
  4. If you will use an overhead projector, project the image on the wall or door and sketch it. I suggest you choose a less detailed image because they are easier to sketch and paint.
  5. Lightly draw the image on the wall before painting it. Occasionally step back several feet to make sure that the image is correct and proportional.
  6. Paint any door frame first to avoid stray drips on your finished mural.
  7. Paint the trompe l’oeil mural. Do the background first then layer the foreground images on top. Pay close attention to the shadowing of images to make you mural look more realistic.
  8. Be sure to outline the foreground images with a darker color to out the edges. Once in a while step back and check your progress as well as the errors.
  9. Let the image or mural dry completely.

If the painting is in a high traffic place, try sealing it with clear polyurethane.

Follow these simple steps and you will have your trompe l‘oeil in no time. But if you don’t have much time to make your own mural, you may want to consider abstract art paintings as your wall decoration. There are varieties of choices to choose from. Visit any abstract art gallery and choose among the gallery paintings that look best on your room.

Reverse Painting on a Glass

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Have you heard about Reverse Painting on glass? Actually this world of art technique has been considered a popular “art of the people” for several centuries. The use of glass as a support for this complex painting technique is continuously become popular nowadays.

What is reverse painting?

This technique has its own unique style like other form of painting such as landscape, still life and contemporary paintings. It is created by painting a subject onto one side of the sheet of glass or also know as plexiglass, after which it is viewed form the other side of the glass, or though the glass.

In contrast to painting on a canvas or paper, this technique requires the artist to paint in reverse, or back to front.

When an artwork is made on a support like on canvas or wood panel, it is painted from the same angle and direction that it will eventually be viewed from on completion. On the other hand, in the case of reverse painting, the painting side and the viewing side of the artwork are opposite to one another.

Likewise, an art piece that is created on a canvas is usually begins with a rough outline and gradually builds towards its completion and finishing touches. In a reverse technique, this procedure starts where it will normally end and finishing touches like finer details and the artist’s signature are more often applied first and the background applications of colors are added later, that’s why this method of painting is being termed as reverse painting.

The effect that glass can give to a reverse painting can make it a very attractive object. There are also artists who preferably used thick glass in order to give more depth to their artwork.

Try to search and look in the internet an example of a reverse painting, at first it will take a while for you to notice that the subject has been painted on the surface of the glass itself.

Like abstract art, reverse painting on glass is also a good choice for collection. Though abstract paintings are much expensive than reverse painting, this kind of artwork is definitely a must-have for art enthusiasts.

How to arrange your home décor accordingly

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It is said to be that paintings are essential element of any . Though there are many ways to personalize your space you still need to keep in mind some rules to create a balanced and artful look of your decoration.

  1. Strengthen the existing theme

Put into consideration the dominant inspirations in your room design. Is your room design more on modern or classic? Are the colors scheme subdued and relaxing or contrasted and energizing? By knowing so, you will have a great idea of which type of art would best enhance your design. Colorful and powerful abstract paintings would perfectly strengthen a creative modern decor however but definitely contradict in a tranquil classic bedroom setting.

Moreover, it is much safer if you will stick to a specific theme when combining art in the same room. A figurative landscape watercolor would definitely not blend well with a geometric abstract art creation.

  1. Organize the larger artworks first

I strongly recommend that you hang the largest pieces first, as they will have bigger impact on your room.

Remember that the orientation of the art should fit the space created by the wall. A large oriented artwork will fit a long wide wall better and a vertically oriented painting will best compliment a narrow and high wall.

One thing you should also remember is to position the painting on the wall so that the center of the painting is at your eye line.

Take in consideration also the size of the furniture piece when hanging a painting above furniture. Basically, a painting should be not wider that sofa below it. To come up with a balanced décor, your painting or art work should be about two-thirds the width of the furniture piece.

Lastly, creating a visual connection between the furniture and the art will create a dramatic effect. Like for an instance, a painting with a dominant green on it will look better near sofa upholstered in the same color. Of course, it’s not easy and always possible to change your furnishing’s hue, but you can also try to create a more subtle visual links. Like for example why not place a striking red ceramic vessel on the chest below your vibrant and passionate red abstract art painting, or play with the colors of your cushions and throws, just be creative and you will see the endless possibilities!

  1. Arrange the smaller paintings and pictures

When arranging smaller artworks, keep that grouping pieces will create a strong effect.

Also, you should remember when putting a group of paintings together, the paintings in the middle of the arrangement should be at eye level.

Lastly, if you want to group together images of various sizes, place the larger pictures at the bottom and smaller above to make a well balanced arrangements.

Hope this simply tips would help you arrange your home décor appropriately and beautifully. Good luck!

Lacquer Paintings

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Lacquer paintings are ancient paintings that regained their popularity in the world art scene for the last decade. Vietnam and Burma are two main producers of this distinctive art. The two countries were just recently opened up to tourism and started exhibiting their highly skilled artists.

Vietnamese and Burmese Lacquer methods are very old. In Vietnam, Lacquer arts have been found in tombs in more than 2,300 years ago while prehistoric inscriptions around Burmese city Bagan have shown Lacquer way back 11th century.

This kind of painting involves much more process than those traditional oil or watercolor form. To create a Lacquer painting, the artist must use sap from Lacquer trees to hold a cloth covering onto their wooden canvas. They will paint the outlines of the picture in hot Lacquer and put the colors one layer at a time, letting each dry out before putting the nest color. Modern lacquer artists in Vietnam have learned to use other substances like crushed egg shells, gold foil and plants into their artwork allowing them to come up with a unique and fascinating expression of creativity.

On the other hand, in Burma, using of gold foil was already used in lacquer ware centuries ago but usually this way of making lacquer was only reserve for royal paintings as well as religious art. Other materials like animal bone, colored glass and bamboo are also used depending on where the lacquer designs are applied to. Colored glass is being used into lacquer paintings of thrones, Buddhist images, caskets and others alike while bamboo is their favorite choice in lacquer paintings that depicted vases, tables, chairs and chest.

For the past years, most of the people in Bagan have been involved in lacquer ware, passing the tradition down through the years. At present there is a government-sponsored institution in Began that is dedicated in recruiting and giving training to lacquer ware artists and the demand for Burmese and Vietnamese lacquer ware in the West countries continue to rise.

Want to buy lacquer painting? You may want to search in the internet amongst the famous lacquer painting of Vietnam and Burma. Or you may also want to buy abstract art online. Abstract art painting like lacquer is very popular and one of the most collected artwork of all times. There are several of abstract paintings that you can select with. Try visiting your nearest abstract art gallery or search them in the internet.