Trees in Abstract

Nature is one of the common subjects for inspirations in abstract paintings. Maybe this is because we easily see them because by any rate, we are surrounded by nature itself. The trees for example have captured the interest of abstract art painters or artists all over the world; and have resulted to the wider propagation of not just by nature but also of the growth of art to the public. In addition, it has served as a portal for the other people to see the hidden beauty nature has to offer.

Making your own original abstract painting about nature is not always easy. But we can simplify them if we decide on taking an easier or smaller-scaled subject – just focus on that one thing. For this purposes of this discussion, we will make use of the trees that was mentioned earlier, where we will focus on one of its parts.

What part do you want to emphasize on? Is it the trunk, the leaves, the branches, the upper part of the tree or the lower part of the tree? When you have selected the part that you want to draw, you can now start painting it.

First on the list that you have to paint of course is the background. Choose a color that will make your ‘tree’ stand out.  Black will be a nice background color to start with.

Second, draw your tree or the part of the tree that you want to emphasize on. Shades of brown are the common colors but you may always opt to give a little kick to it. Don’t forget to put highlight to make those trees come alive.

Lastly, you may want to put another object in it that will help your tree look more alive and like it really is part of nature. Try adding a flower with vines surrounding the branches of the tree, Or a graceful butterfly that is trying to pass through the branches.

By any chance, nature never failed all of its viewers in making them feel just how exquisite wonderful and colorful life can be with the simple things that we see every single day of our lives.

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