People in Abstract art

Every human being is unique in their own rights. In fact, a person’s personality is still considered as one of the world’s unresolved mysteries since a person’s being varies from an individual to another.  In an artist’s effort to put into visual form a human being’s persona, such as in an abstract art, it has created a distinct individuality and a lot of varieties in on artist’s canvass from another canvass. “What am I feeling?”, “Why am I feeling this way?”, “What do I want to express?”, “How will I express these feelings?’ – these are the questions that an artist is faced with when dealing with his or her own self, meanwhile, the questions such as “what are they conveying to me?”, “How does it feel to be in their shoes?” and “What can I see and feel?”, are the questions artists  face in their intention to draw other people’s feelings.

The fright and agony in “The Scream” by The Norwegian artist, Edvard Munch, and the ethereal beauty manifested in Leonardo da Vinci’s “Mona Lisa” are just some of the infamous abstract art paintings that have captured the million hearts of their viewers because of their superb manner of showcasing the intricacy and mystery of a human being’s individualism and qualities.  In Edvard Munch’s art, the screaming man against the blood red colored-sky backdrop has caused a lot of controversies among scholars, and has gained a good standing as one of the prospects of art thieves.  Meanwhile, Mona Lisa’s smile has caused a lot of people to wonder about the woman, and her entire persona. The woman’s mysterious expression that can “launch a thousand ships” if needed be, the composition and the infusion of other forms and illusions on its backdrop never fails to acquire an unwavering appreciation, study and scrutiny of its curious viewers. Indeed people are one of the very controversial subject matters in art.

Want to get a better grasp on people’s feelings on canvass? Consider visiting any abstract art gallery and allure yourself with the beauty and inspiration of the paintings. Better yet, why not try a hand on those colors and brushes and make your original abstract art painting that depicts a person’s feeling.

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