Motherhood in art

Our mothers are one of those significant persons in our lives whom we will always cherish. They have brought and raised us up with all of their unconditional love and care. They  were the ones who spent sleepless nights just to watch over us, their guiding arms and hands never failed to keep us stand up especially during those times when we were about to fall, they cry when we are down, and bleed when we cry. They are the ones that strongly held us when the problems start to plague our lives, and believed in us when the entire world only sees the lies in us.

With that, these women and their noble acts of raising us continue to gain recognition as evident in most of the works of art that celebrate motherhood. In fact, renowned sculptors and painters such as Raphael, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Giovanni Bellini, Caravaggio, Rubens, Salvador Dali and Henry Moore, have created classical artworks– with medium ranging from canvass to stones – that depicts a mother and a child, often called as “Madonna and child.”  In addition, abstract art and contemporary painting artists are not exempted from giving accolade to the continuous celebration of motherhood in the world of art as seen in their works that is filled with the prowess of the lines and forms that expresses the security, love, care, understanding, and the bond created between the mother and the child.

Mother’s Day may have already passed but it does not mean that the celebration ends there – it continues to go on for as long as there is mother who continues to look at her child with such loving eyes. So tell them how thankful you are. Give them the kisses you fail to share, the “I love you mom” that you are shy to say, the warmth of a hug that they have been waiting for, or the flowers that will simply make their day. Or, you may opt to give them something that will endure for a long time such as abstract art paintings that she may have liked in one of the abstract galleries you have visited together or with an original abstract art painting. Show them how you feel even if you might be far away with these paintings that are filled with colors, textures and form that will help brighten up her day when she sees it on her hallway.

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  1. Richard Simmons Says:

    You can find great abstract paintings, like the one pictured above at

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