“No man is an island.” This is one of the quotes that we commonly hear when we human behavior is discussed. Is it true? Yes it is. No man will ever survive if he is always alone. In fact in the movie “Cast away”, Chuck Noland, whose role was portrayed by Tom Hanks, even created her ‘custom-made friend out of a volleyball’ named “Wilson” when he got stranded  on a deserted island due to an unfaithful plane crash just so he can keep himself sane.

Friendship is probably the most important foundation in a relationship any human being, may it be between two lovers, within family members, among a team, community, or basically in any organization where any person gets the chance to relate to the other persons surrounding him or her. This is because friendship serves as the primary stepping stone for people to establish a foundation that is more than enough to create an intricate relationship in the future. In addition, it is through friendship that we learn to get to know a person – their likes and dislikes, their emotional, physical and intellectual capacity, their tendencies when in a situation, and definitely a lot more- the possibilities are endless! With all of these, we are able to adjust to the personality differences that continuously occur, appreciate the works and efforts that they exert even if these are just the simple things in life, and complement the strengths and weakness of our friends so that we will all learn to be interdependent with each other, and thus achieving a better relationship and productivity out of that friendship.

So keep the friendship burning – walk, eat, talk and laugh with your friends or with your significant others. Boring day ahead? Try to visit an abstract art gallery where you may view and talk about the abstract paintings or contemporary paintings that you have fancied and have been curious about. Want to buy abstract art for your friend but can’t find them in your local galleries? Then try searching for an abstract art gallery online where you and your friend may choose from the wide array of gallery paintings available. The thing is, always seize the moments and have fun while in their company.

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