Expressing feelings with Flowers

Can’t say “I love you” but still wonder how you may say it in its most meaningful manner? Do it with the help of flowers!  Whichever generation a person may belong to, flowers have already created a certain trademark among every persons heart in saying the words “I love you” in its purest and simplest form.

Ever since the ancient times flowers have been synonymous in expressing those words into something tangible and meaningful – a fight between lovers, a birthday celebration (or other occasions for that matter) among friends, family or communities, or as offering or design; from a husband to his wife, a child to his or her parents, a sibling to the brother, a lover to his loved one, a friend to another, a last farewell offering of a grieving person to someone or as an offering of a believer to his maker – all of these people and instances have found the power of giving and saying things with flowers. Be it for better or worse situations, flowers has indeed created a positive feeling and a very big impact on the minds of every individual as a sign not just of love, but also of peace.

Aside from the emotional impact flowers have generated among its givers and recipients, they have also occupied a special place in making the world of art, music, and literature more colorful. As in abstract art or in contemporary paintings, flowers have conquered the interest and imaginations of both its creators – the artists – and its viewers. With their large diversity, their exquisite and delicate structures, their wide range of beautiful colors, the variety in attitude, form and feelings they inculcate among their spectator, they have created an assortment of possibilities available for the artists to choose from in creating their own versions of the color, form and texture to put on their canvasses and give these flowers another life. In fact, if you will try to view abstract art paintings or contemporary paintings from several abstract art galleries you will most likely find a large array of varieties in the expression of their artworks in their displays or collections but still find a common subject – flowers!

Indeed, flowers allow every individual to explore the different ways of expressing their feelings and not just that, they are also friendly for those who have allergies with flowers!

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