Do-it-yourself Gift Idea: Mug it you way!

With the “-beer”-months up and about, Christmas is definitely fast approaching! See your community go red and green with a lot of festive moods from the blah and chaos that it used to be. Walk down along a downtown street and you will see that as early as September comes in, the Yuletide season starts to come alive with the emerging Christmas activity promotions, Christmas decorations and presents crowding almost every store.

Now, speaking of presents, just what will you give to your loved ones, and especially to those god-children, that will fit your tight budget? Oh no! Really, really, no need to panic my friend. Don’t fret! Well, you may always resolve the problem with a simple solution: Do it yourself.

Here are some simple steps in doing a Do-it-yourself mug perfect for those boxes you will give:

  1. Choose your mug. White mugs are the best mugs to start your personalized mugs since the you will not have any difficulty in selecting the colors that you will use. But, if you already have a design that has a different background color, you may buy the mug with that color to make things easier.
  1. Paint it. If you have a design that you want to copy then do so. Or, you may opt to make use of stencils or sponges. Not good in painting or have no idea on just what you want to paint? Try designing your mug with an abstract art or contemporary art. These two forms of art gives you the freedom to do or paint, basically, whatever you want. Splatter your mugs with Christmas colors; put dots, lines – anything that you can think of. You may not know it, but you’re already doing your original abstract art on glass! It does not need to be perfect. You may use acrylic or porcelain paints and pens. Let the Christmas Spirit fill you when you design your mug. Just enjoy doing it!
  1. Wrap them (they’re ready to be given away!). When coating and all the colors are dry, wrap them or put them in colorful wrappers or boxes. Or, if you want, you may fill them in with other goodies like chocolates, candies and other things that your loved ones may like!

See? Why worry yourself with the Christmas hassles when it just easy as 1-2-3!

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