What is trompe l’oeil?

Trompe l’oeil mural is another famous idea for any room decoration. In fact you can enjoy doing this together with the entire family. A mural doesn’t have to be a complicated painting. A simple depiction of ivy winding its way up a door frame or trellis is a great addition to your plain wall. If you are not that good in painting, you can use an overhead projector or stencils to help you paint your mural. You will definitely be fascinated with the end result because it looks as real as the original.

The perfect places to paint your trompe l’oeil mural are on your child’s room, your bathroom, in the hallway, in the kitchen and in your family’s game room.

Try these following images:

ü  A landscape scene

ü  Medieval castles complete with night and horses

ü  Country farm

ü  Whimsical garden

ü  Ivy growing up in the wall of trellis

ü  And anything you can imagine

Then what’s next? Next thing you need to do is copy it onto a transparency paper then do the following:

  1. Place a drop cloth on the floor.
  2. Keep in mind that painting on a light-colored surface is easier than painting it on a dark surface. If your wall has a dark color such as navy or dark green, paint it white or anther light color before you begin
  3. Prim the area and let it dry first.
  4. If you will use an overhead projector, project the image on the wall or door and sketch it. I suggest you choose a less detailed image because they are easier to sketch and paint.
  5. Lightly draw the image on the wall before painting it. Occasionally step back several feet to make sure that the image is correct and proportional.
  6. Paint any door frame first to avoid stray drips on your finished mural.
  7. Paint the trompe l’oeil mural. Do the background first then layer the foreground images on top. Pay close attention to the shadowing of images to make you mural look more realistic.
  8. Be sure to outline the foreground images with a darker color to out the edges. Once in a while step back and check your progress as well as the errors.
  9. Let the image or mural dry completely.

If the painting is in a high traffic place, try sealing it with clear polyurethane.

Follow these simple steps and you will have your trompe l‘oeil in no time. But if you don’t have much time to make your own mural, you may want to consider abstract art paintings as your wall decoration. There are varieties of choices to choose from. Visit any abstract art gallery and choose among the gallery paintings that look best on your room.

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