Wax Painting

We all know that oil or wax can’t be mix with water, this idea can be apply in painting to mask out areas to keep the white of the paper of the color beneath, as well as to create appealing texture. It’s just simple draw with the wax on the paper then washed it over with a water-based paint. Since it has wax on it, the water in the paint is being resist and so the either runs off it or collects in little drops on it.

1. What is the distinction between using wax resist and masking fluid?

Masking fluid is a total block; when you apply or rub it on the paper, it will left you a solid area of pure white paper while wax depends on how solidly or evenly you apply it.

2. What kind of wax could be applied?

You can actually use any type of wax, but of course the end result will depends on how oily or waxy something is, how absorbent or texture the paper is, and of course the thickness of you paint. The least expensive among the form of wax would be the white candle. Next would be the crayons, the oil pastels. Don’t limit yourself to white wax crayons or candle only, keep in mind that it is the wax that resists the water. You can tests it on small sheets first and keep a record.

3. How will I know where I’ve put the white wax?

For you to see where you have put the white wax is hold the sheet of paper to a light and you will notice that the wax is shining in the light. Applying white wax means being systematic, working from one side of the painting to the other will help you remember where you’ve already put it.

4. Can I put wax over the paint?

Yes, wax can be used to mask the painted area too; however you should apply it only when the paint if fully dries.

Remember wax and oil can add looks in your painting; all you need to do is apply it appropriately and creatively.

Like wax painting? Why not try this idea to your abstract painting? If you are looking for examples, search them some in the internet and look for abstract art paintings that have wax on them and set them as your example to create your own abstract art with wax!

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