The Mystery of Abstract painting

What is hidden behind the lines and curves? Beneath its brightness and contrasts? The message that lies within is expressed with the gracious strokes and the colorful harmony. An artist’s point of view is what really matters. However one sees it or how anyone views the painting…the message still lies within.

The subject would deceive your eyes…those happy smiles could reflect the sorrows that bothers. The bright colors could mean a dull life. Complicated? Well, basically that’s how life is. Complicated.

As they say, it all depends on the person seeing the picture. Is that how abstract painting works? A stroke filled with confusions or lines that really meant determination. Giving one the freedom to express her/his feelings through a subject, that’s the purpose of abstract art.

Abstract isn’t complicated nor simple. Abstract art is actually the freedom to associate one’s feelings and point of views via a medium. One’s interpretation could not complement another perception. It is actually how you see it. It is a reflection of one’s individuality. The colors are just bridges of what the artists really mean. It’s a way of exploring on what’s beneath the mind. The deep secrets that has always been wanting to

Explode. Whatever it is, it enables one’s freedom of association. The freedom to relate things with the goodness or the badness and being able to accept it. Complicated?

Anyway, life isn’t that simple. Abstract art painting is just a parcel of one’s being, an effective concoction; a secret and powerful weapon. It could enhance one’s strength or let one’s guard down; a vision so inviting that travels down deep into one’s soul. Abstract isn’t just revealing the complications of life. It is about being able to touch one’s life and giving meaning to another existence. It’s not just a piece of art, for it is made through the unwavering efforts of a man in deep thought. The strokes, the curves, the colors, and its complications, all done to able another. It’s a masterpiece. It’s a work of art.

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