The Art of the Fantastic

Many must have seen different works of famous painters in abstract art gallery. Among the most celebrated paintings are those of Rousseau, Henri, or also known as Le Douanier Rousseau. He is a French painter that many have referred to as naive artists.

Many stories were told that this man has an awesome sense of imagination. He used to serve in the army and painting was among his hobbies. Later in his life he retired from his job and devoted all his precious time by creating original paintings.

Like most of the famed stories we heard. Starting out as an artist wasn’t that easy for this man. He was often criticized and ridiculed for his works, but he was by nature a tough man. He took those sarcasms as forms of praise, and his undying love of original art was unwavering.

He tried painting the way such traditional artists painted. It was only later that many discovered that it was the innocent and charming look of his works that won the admiration of many other artists. Even the famous Picasso honored the naïve artists for his wonderful works.

Today, many can see Rousseau’s gallery paintings in art galleries and others believe that his works were fabulous finds. He is now known for his jungle scenes.  Among his original paintings are “Surprised! (Tropical storm with a tiger) and “The Dream.” These works of his showed great power of imagination. It highlighted fresh vision and paid ample attention to every detail.

Like many other famous people, it was only after his death when people acknowledged the greatness in his works and up to this day it has been a famous choice of many collectors in every art galleries.

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