Reverse Painting on a Glass

Have you heard about Reverse Painting on glass? Actually this world of art technique has been considered a popular “art of the people” for several centuries. The use of glass as a support for this complex painting technique is continuously become popular nowadays.

What is reverse painting?

This technique has its own unique style like other form of painting such as landscape, still life and contemporary paintings. It is created by painting a subject onto one side of the sheet of glass or also know as plexiglass, after which it is viewed form the other side of the glass, or though the glass.

In contrast to painting on a canvas or paper, this technique requires the artist to paint in reverse, or back to front.

When an artwork is made on a support like on canvas or wood panel, it is painted from the same angle and direction that it will eventually be viewed from on completion. On the other hand, in the case of reverse painting, the painting side and the viewing side of the artwork are opposite to one another.

Likewise, an art piece that is created on a canvas is usually begins with a rough outline and gradually builds towards its completion and finishing touches. In a reverse technique, this procedure starts where it will normally end and finishing touches like finer details and the artist’s signature are more often applied first and the background applications of colors are added later, that’s why this method of painting is being termed as reverse painting.

The effect that glass can give to a reverse painting can make it a very attractive object. There are also artists who preferably used thick glass in order to give more depth to their artwork.

Try to search and look in the internet an example of a reverse painting, at first it will take a while for you to notice that the subject has been painted on the surface of the glass itself.

Like abstract art, reverse painting on glass is also a good choice for collection. Though abstract paintings are much expensive than reverse painting, this kind of artwork is definitely a must-have for art enthusiasts.

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